Review of the New Frontier Movie, by Johnathan

Good adaptation, overall, taking into account the compression of story necessary to squeeze two volumes into 90 minutes.. The art is, I guess, a compromise between that of the comic and the DC Animated Universe style, which works better than the triangle-shape Bruce Timm style would have. Excellent voice casting. King Faraday isn't as big a jerk, which is good or bad, depending on how much you like King Faraday.

Watching this thing on a big screen is definitely a good idea. Also, I feel that for maximum enjoyment you should watch it with Darwyn Cooke. Okay, fine, I was a couple of rows away from him. Going out for drinks with Darwyn Cooke afterward also enhances the movie's impact. Okay, drinking a couple of tables away from him. His wife was at our table, though. We all talked about lolcats.

The most important thing that happened tonight, at least for people who like Hourman, is that Rachelle asked Darwyn to clear up an argument that we'd been having. Turns out that she's been right for the last year: Hourman doesn't die in New Frontier. Whee!


(so I don't get to name-drop very often, so sue me. Darwyn Cooke is a stand-up guy and a talented comicsman.)