This Week's Haul: Batman + Me Forever

Nothing cures a hangover like a big pile of shiny new comic books.

This week's post is inspired by some background graffiti in Wonder Woman. Someone awesome clearly wrote it:

We'll get to more Batman later, but first...

Superman Confidential #4

I can't help it. Everytime I think of this comic that High School Confidential song runs through my head.

I really like this series. There is no question that it is being overshadowed by All-Star Superman, and that's too bad. The line-up here is pretty damn all-star as well. And the comic is a delightful throw-back to funner times, while also giving us a story we haven't heard before. And I don't know about all y'all, but I am more than happy to have two quality year-one-ish Superman books on the go. It's not redundant. It's just awesome. It's the Scottie Pippin of comics. The Mark Messier. Totally great, but sadly standing next to someone just a little bit greater.

This was my favourite issue of the series so far. Jimmy is well-used, Superman continues to be adorable, and this is the greatest panel ever:

I love it.

Wonder Woman #6

Lookin' good this week, WW! Also...this comic was fun! Like, actually about what I wanted this series to be about: Wonder Woman trying to fit in with humanity. That's good stuff! There were lots of little jokes that made me smile, in particular Diana trying to figure out how the subway ticket machine worked. And having no idea how much gas costs. Also, finding that her action figures were selling at 75% off because no one cares about her. The layers, people!

Two comics down, both were fun. Let's check the next one:

Catwoman #65

Another awesome cover.

And the comic inside? Fun! I've been loving Catwoman's recent Metropolis-based storyline. That doesn't mean I haven't been reading each issue and crying, Milhouse-style, "When is she gonna run into Superman?!" Well, she finally does in this issue. And he's a jackass. And it's funny. Also, there is a Lex-bot, a time machine that can only send you four minutes into the past, some petty theft, and a rocket launcher.

I love Catwoman so much. Someday I'll make a coherent post about how much I love this character. But I got more comics to review right now:

Batman #664

It was so hard not to read this first, but I wanted to save it.

Morrison! Kubert! Reunited and it feels so good! Like, seriously, THIS is a proper Batman comic. Bruce Wayne is sexy as all hell, and we get to see him do all sorts of rad Bruce Wayne things. Heli-skiing, dating a famous lady, fancy dining, and taking down a helicopter full of paparazzi by hurling a ski pole at it. (Plus, you know he totally got some after the fancy dining).

Back in Gotham, he's lookin' Kubert-fresh in his Batsuit, and helping prostitutes. And also...THROWING BATARANGS THAT ACTUALLY COME BACK TO HIM! I don't know why that excited me so much, but it really, really did. Obviously it excited Morrison and Kubert too because they devoted a whole (awesome) page to it.

And this is just about the greatest first page of a comic ever:

HA! Just leaving the office! Fantastic! I can't wait for the next issue.

Action Comics #847

Well, this was weird. It wasn't bad. It was pretty to look at, and kinda heartwarming. But certainly weird. It was so very Smallville (or, I suppose, Birthright). Jonathan Kent looked so much like a slightly older John Schneider.
This book is all about father/son bonding, which means very little to me. Jonathan tells Martha about a time that their son treated him to an exciting trip into space. They had lied to Martha and told her they were going ice fishing. If I were Martha, I would be mad as hell that no one thought that I might be interested in seeing outer space. But, y'know, the muffins would burn.

Looked nice. A little too sweet for my tastes. Possibly a little too sweet for Count Chocula's tastes. And that's coming from a devoted Smallville fan.

Connon Hawke: Dragon's Blood #5

Oh, Connor. You are a dreamboat, and you may even be straight (that certainly seems to be the point of your series, which I have been saying should be called Connor Hawke: Straight as an Arrow!), but I gotta say...getting a little bored with this story. And it's only six issues long. In this issue he kills a dragon with a magic arrow. Phew!

52 Week 47

Ow. My head. So many storylines. And even the Origin of the Teen Titans backup was confusing.

Ok, the Nanda Parbat Tim Drake stuff was good. Bruce Wayne locking himself in a cave for a week while Tim sits outside and drinks soup while thinking about a goose in a bottle? Sure. That qualifies as fun. Tim talking to Wonder Woman? I liked it. Then we got to the Batwoman stuff and I got confused and sleepy. But then...Doc Magnus! And he's totally nuts! Little pocket-sized metal men talking to him! All with Black Adam screaming in the background from Sivana's chambers (Do you think it might actually be Sivana that's screaming? That's what my money is on).
Animal Man! Awesome! I can't wait to see what he's been up to, I really...Oh. It's over. And now we have stupid boring Steel(s). And they are starting a stupid boring club for stupid boring people. NEXT!
Montoya! Still looking like Michael Jackson! Checking in on Batwoman and...Nightwing! I am familiar with you! Thank God!
And we're back to Wonder Woman and Tim and...Bruce Wayne! Bustin' out of the cave and lookin' really happy:

Maybe someone in the cave told him that Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert were going to be teaming up to do his comic. Or maybe he was thinking about me. The important thing is that he's looking real foxy. And I like to think the next words out of his mouth are "Tim, son. I had an epiphany. I'm a billionaire. Let's go buy some women and some fast cars! From now on things are going to be ok!"