Addendum to the Review of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Part Three, By Johnathan


I quite like this costume. I mean, sure it's got a great big revers-cleavage window, but frankly that's the acme of good taste compared to here old "couple of bats on some string" outfit. I only wish that the feature that I pillaged these images from had occurred a couple of years earlier, so that it would have featured possibly my favourite Shadow Lass look ever, the one with the 1920s haircut and the one-piece black swimsuit (but without the Caucasian-tone makeup). Ah. well. This is almost as good.

Special bonus: you can tell that Shadow Lass and Mon-El are a couple because they have similar habits. In this case, they're both invading other people's panels with their capes! See if you can find the ends of the blasted things! Uh... after I finally finish this series of posts.