Podcast - Epsiode 46: East Coast Comic Expo

It's the first ever Living Between Wednesdays road trip! Destination: Moncton, New Brunswick!

Ok, it wasn't much of a road trip. For one thing, we went on separate days in separate vehicles. For another, we really only hung out on Saturday night, after East Coast Comic Expo was over. But still!

This is a very chill episode, via Skype, because I was too tired to leave my house again after getting back. We talk about the many, many spoilers that have hit the internet for DC's Rebirth. We talk about Wonder Woman: Earth One, because we both finally got around to reading that this week. We talk about the first issue of Future Quest by Jeff Parker, Doc Shaner and Steve Rude (quite a line-up!). And this week sees the return of an organized This Week in Winter Soldier segment, in which I am amazed by Bucky's abilities to test the ripeness of plums with his metal fingers.

First of all, I feel like a complete ass because I forgot to mention the awesome Black Widow that Liz Mac drew for me at ECCE. Here is a slightly blurry image of it:

So cute!!!!

And here is the amazing Winter Soldier drawing that Andy Cotnam did for me! What an awesome surprise!!!

Here's Dave with the super rad Joe-Luis Garcia Lopez Wonder Woman piece that Nick Bradshaw scored for him:

So, yeah. We had a great time. Nick Bradshaw puts out a great spread!

Confession: Eating lobster is just an excuse to consume dinner rolls.

Confession: Eating lobster is just an excuse to consume dinner rolls.

It was nice meeting everyone. Check out Kelly Tindall's work here, and Riley Rossmo's work here

Thanks for listening! Next week Dave and I are going to endure that X-Men Apocalypse movie for you.