Unfunnies: Willy


Not only am I uncertain of the joke that is being attempted here, I am also unsure of the following:

- Does Willy normally smash his food into his maw with his bare hands?
- By "company", do they mean "pie-eating contest"?
- Is Willy legitimately implying that he needs to practice eating with a fork? Is he trying to scam some pie? Is it both?
- What's with the air currents in this place? That steam is going everywhere.

- From World's Finest No. 30

The Unfunnies: Maw Paw and Willie

I have to confess that I actually really like this comic. But this weekly feature is called the Unfunnies, and so honour demands that I find something to critique.

Pshh, five trumpets for a quarter? There goes my suspension of disbelief. It's a good thing that all of those children have such great hats, let me tell you, or the rage would overwhelm me.

This'un's from New Adventure Comics No. 14!

The Unfunnies: Playful Pop and the Kiddies

I think that Playful Pop has one of those ironic nicknames, like calling a short guy Stretch (pro tip: this does not work with the nickname Boner. Trust me).

Does Playful Pop's plan work, or do his highly acrobatic children shinny over those bars in two seconds? Tune in next time to... oh wait, this was the only one.

From Batman No. 91.