Podcast - Episode 6: Crossovers!

drawn by carmine infantino and dick giordano!!!!!!!!!!!

drawn by carmine infantino and dick giordano!!!!!!!!!!!

This was a light week on all fronts. Barely any comics, barely any news, not a Winter Soldier for miles, and all quiet on the Renner front. Despite all this, we pull together a pretty entertaining hour of super hero chat. Because we're professionals.

I mention that J. Bone did some mind-shatteringly hot really great sketches of Winter Soldier this week, including a couple of my favourite bionic commando as a sexy auto mechanic. Yeah, that's what I said. Feast your eyes on these!

Good lord. How am I supposed to get anything done?

Meanwhile, my 5-year-old son, Mitchell, was doing a Winter Solider drawing of his own:

He did a whole bunch of drawings of super heroes, and they are all hilarious. Behold: Ant-Man, Iron Fist, Nick Fury, Storm, Hawkeye, Thor, and Falcon as Captain America.

The best, right? I drew a couple of my own for him, at his request. I worked way too hard one these, considering they look like they were drawn by an 11-year-old at best. I am especially proud of my Silver Surfer. Look out, Mike Allred! I'm coming for your job!

Clearly Dave is the artistic talent half of this podcast team.

We talk about crossovers this week, and speaking of crossovers, I crossed over to another Canadian comic book podcast! This week I am a guest host on Panel Culture. You can check out the episode here. It's also available on iTunes here (episode 219). It was very nice to finally talk to Owen Craig after corresponding online for years! Go Canadian comic book podcasts!

Hey, that reminds me! We are also on iTunes here and we would love it if you would subscribe or rate us!

I am away this upcoming week so there will be no new episode next week, but we'll be back with a vengeance after that!

Cursed Linear Flow of Time...

So: I've recently been enjoying both the rip-roaring good times of TV's Breaking Bad and the fun-filled romps of early 90s Punisher comics. In general, these activities have increased my quality of life, but today, in one of those once-in-a-lifetime cosmic realizations that can really ruin an afternoon, I was made aware that the world had missed out on a magical crossover opportunity:

Now, the actual story involves the Punisher getting mixed up with a biker gang/eco-protest group named the Satan's Lords (And their cranked-up leader Hec, who drove the point home by snorting meth off of a Bowie knife and turng on his closest advisors, the cad), but imagine a world in which twenty-plus years wasn't an insurmountable obstacle to creative works interacting with one another.

Picture this world, and now picture an extra narration box on the page above, one that begins, "Word has it that there's a new player on the Arizona meth scene, a mystery man named Heisenburg..."

What Have I Wrought

In response to my recent post about Lois Lane's dentition and its implications for the larger DCU, extremely funny commenter damanoid had this to say:

Oh for god’s sake man, do you realize what you’ve done?! This could take YEARS to sort out!

First there’ll need to be a Dentistry Crisis, to explain that Lois Lane had her memories erased to cover up the fact that she was raped while under anesthesia.

Then you’ll have Infinite Caries, a massive crossover event in which an earlier version of Lois, with perfect teeth, attempts to ‘bite through history’ to ensure that her alternate self’s tooth decay never occurs– which alters the dental history of the entire DC universe!

That leads into “One Regularly Scheduled Appointment Later,” which reveals how everyone’s life has been changed by their gleaming new smiles, followed by “32,” a series that explores how each tooth in Lois’ mouth has been affected by these changes.

After that of course is “Blackest Teeth,” in which Lois’ missing tooth returns as a zombified fang bent on destroying all teeth everywhere, followed by “Brightest Smile,” in which all of Lois’ teeth change color and get superpowers, or something.

Not that it matters! Because right after that is “FlossPoint,” another massive crossover which explores the premise of what would have happened if Lois had lost a DIFFERENT tooth. This will result in another reboot, and an entirely new continuity that starts out before Lois had lost her tooth to begin with.

Once all that is out of the way, though, they’ll finally be able to move on to the good stories and solid writing we’ve been waiting for. It’ll be the perfect jumping-on point for new readers! Yes indeed, no doubt about it at all. Blue skies ahead, my friends; nothing but blue skies.

In addition to unleashing a much denser agglomeration of tooth/comic jokes than I'd ever imagined possible, damanoid is of course pointing out the fact that bad comics trends propagate just as readily as good ones. This is sadly true, though I hold hope in my heart that the continuity-heavy title-wide crossover will soon go the way of the foil-embossed cover.