The Unfunnies: Peg is Unjust

From Lois Lane No. 44, it's Peg!

This comic was published in 1963, so I like to imagine Roger as less a creep and more of a man ahead of his time, reading Betty Friedan's latest and not presuming that his sodas should be the centre of a young girl's world. He reads his book and dreams of better times and then goes to take a drink... and he is back in the Sixties again. 

The Unfunnies: Peg Hits the Beach

Peg is one of those DC characters who lurked in the interstices for years, starring in a half- or one-page gag every couple of issues. She's a typical blonde teen girl who occupies a world in which all of the females under a certain age have either one giant tooth or a portal to a realm of pure radiance situated in the middle of their faces.

This comic is of course completely mystifying to one such as myself who hates and fears the awesome cancer-spewing might of the sun, but I suspect that the saga of a girl who sets out to get a sun burn in time for the big dance and then can't go to the big dance because of her sun burn might have been a head-scretcher in even the most heliophilic of eras.

(This one's from Superboy No. 15)