Wednesday Interview: J.Bone

I don't make a secret of the fact that I love J.Bone. And I really love it when he gets to do some interior art, as is the case with this week's issue of Super Friends! When he's not busy drawing awesome things, he is crocheting awesome things! He was kind enough to answer a few questions for me about Super Friends #15, the Doom Patrol, Captain Marvel, The Brave and the Bold, and other things he loves.

The last issue of Super Friends that you did the interior art for was the Superman's birthday issue. This time it's Batman's birthday! Is it in your Super Friends contract that you get to draw any and all birthday issues in the series?

Batman’s birthday? I don’t know what you’re talking about. (’s a surprise party...on’tday elltay atmanBay) It’s no coincidence, though. My editor, Rachel Gluckstern, let me know right after the Superman issue that Batman’s was coming up and that she’d like me to draw it.

Your art is perfect for all-ages comics, and you seem to have a genuine excitement about making comics for kids. What do you think of the efforts by DC and Marvel in recent years to make comics for kids again?

Why thank you, Rachelle! I do indeed love to draw comics for kids. I’m thrilled that Marvel and DC are doing kid friendly material. DC’s always had the Johnny DC line with its tie-ins to the Cartoon Network and Warner animated properties. The fact that Super Friends is based on a toy line has come up more than a few times in reviews of the comic. It’s used as a negative which I don’t get at all! It’s not as though DC "sold out" and are now targeting kids with nefarious marketing ploys to try and get them to buy toys! The opposite is’s about time toys AND comics were aimed at kids again! Um...they were made for kids in the first place.

Secondly, being a cartoony guy there really is no other chance for me to draw DC’s big six! That a book like Super Friends exists and I get to work on it is all the info I need! I just hope that DC and Marvel see a profit from these titles so that they continue to run and entertain kids.

I notice you did the cover of the upcoming July issue of Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam. Any chance you might be doing some interiors on that title now that DC has decided to change the creative team?

I tell ya, I’d like to. But, as with the amazing Andy Suriano on Brave and the Bold, the fact that Stephen DeStefano is drawing the book means I’d rather see his art than mine!

I have to ask you about this: you mentioned on your blog that you are drawing an upcoming issue of Batman: The Brave and the Bold that will feature the DOOM PATROL?! That must be a dream come true for you.

It is, absolutely. I’ve got my list of dream characters to work on and, happily, I’ve crossed quite a few off my list over the past few years. Starting with Spidey and the Fantastic Four back on the Tangled Web book with Cooke. Wonder Woman and Aquaman in the Super Friends (although I’d still love to take another shot at both with a style closer to my own...sorta like the New Frontier One-Shot with my Wonder Woman story written by Cooke). And now the Doom Patrol in Brave and the Bold. I knew that Torres was writing the story and that he too is a fan of the Doom Patrol. I’m glad the editor (once again, the fabulous Rachel Gluckstern...and also Michael Siglain and Harvey Richards) gave us the thumbs up to go ahead and throw the DP into the Brave and Bold Universe.

As yet unchecked on the list: Metamorpho, Plastic Man, Hawkman, Metal Men and the She-Hulk. I’ll get them. It’ll take some time, but I’ll get them. And when I do I will have one Comic Book BINGO!

What other projects do you have on the go? A how-to-crochet super heroes book? That would be rad.

Believe me, a How-To book would be a lot faster to make than some of the dolls I’ve tackled. I’m working on creating simpler designs (like the little Batman and Spidey that I made for you and Cal). They take less time but still aren’t as easy as just drawing a picture of Batman or Spidey.

I’ve got a few of my own characters I’d like to get out in comic books soon. Jett Vector has been too long on the shelf and must get finished by the end of this year! I’m also working on a sketchbook with my pin-up art, both the cheesecake and the beefcake. I’ll be gathering up the artwork from years passed and should have a book (or two) put together by mid-summer! Most likely it’ll be a print on demand type of collection through one of the many online printers.