Podcast - Episode 69: Everything is Awful


...comic books don't seem so important all of a sudden, but we are gonna try to talk about them anyway! It just might be interspersed with some angry statements, confused and bewildered feelings, and barely concealed terror. 

In these troubled times, we turn to superheroes, and Dave has some comic book recommendations if you are looking for inspiration.

Here's that page from All-Star Superman that Dave was describing. Just a perfect summary of everything that Superman is and should be on one page:

And here are the pages where Cap realizes that he needs to stick with America through thick and thin. He takes off that deep-v Nomad suit and puts the much less revealing Captain America suit back on:


And here's a panel from The Avengers 1.1, which came out this past week, where Steve Rogers describes how we all feel:

Oh, and on top of everything else, Sebastian Stan has indeed shaved his beard. We're back to stubble. So consider Beard Watch '16 closed.


Still looks good, though. Still looks real good.