Podcast - Episode 68: Doctor Strange


Okay. Obviously nothing matters anymore because Trump is president and everything good is dead. 

We saw Doctor Strange! It was great! There are spoilers in the second half of this episode! Did you see how many WOMEN voted for Trump?! There is also some static fuzz that keeps coming and going throughout the episode! Sorry! America has elected the Gene Hackman portrayal of Lex Luthor as President! 

We recorded this episode before the election happened, so you can still hear an ember of hope in our voices. 

That hope has been crushed. But, hey. Comic books!

Here's something nice to take your minds off the fact that violent bigots now have the official backing of their government to "protect themselves" from minorities: Nick Bradshaw was doing sketches at Hal-Con this past weekend and donating the money to our local children's hospital! Check out his Instagram! I don't think any are posted there, but you should still follow him. Here's one of the sketches:

And now I am going to my happy place: Sebastian Stan at the Doctor Strange premier, sporting what appears to be the prelude to a full beard.

I love that suit! Please don't deport him, Emperor Trump!