Doom is Happy to Repeat a Very Special Offer

Bully recently posted some fun old Marvel subscription ads. I have one to add. I think it's timely because it reminds us that, no matter how out-of-character Dr Doom was acting in the Fantastic Four could have been worse:

In other news, I got tagged with one of these meme things all the kids are talking about. It asks that I post eight random facts about myself. I don't usually divulge too much info about myself that isn't comic-related on this blog, so consider this a rare treat.

I don't wanna tag anyone. Is that ok? Will that make the world die? I'm in way over my head here.

Gather round. It's time to learn eight random facts about me.

1. As far as I can tell, my love of superheroes began with Mighty Mouse. I was insane about that mouse when I was three or four or so. I couldn't tell time, but I knew what the hands of the clock looked like when it was time for Mighty Mouse. At that same time, I was really into He-Man as well, until the episode where Skeletor turns He-Man into a statue. That scared the hell out of me. And I never watched it again.

2. My favourite drink is gin and tonic. Or a gin martini. Or a bucket of gin. Whatever.

3. I am a huge hockey fan, specifically of the Montreal Canadiens. As a kid, my hero was Patrick Roy. When I was twelve I got to meet him and I couldn't say a single word. It was like meeting Batman.

4. I had a joke published in Readers Digest when I was a kid. It was terrible. I got $40.

5. My last three boyfriends have been named 'Matt.' (You're next, Daredevil!)

6. I really hate eggs, mushrooms, mayonnaise, raw tomatoes and most seafood.

7. My last name is pronounced Go-gahn (like the artist Gaugain, but with a gross Eastern Canadian accent).

8. My roommate/boyfriend/best buddy Matthew has surprised me by purchasing a vintage Hammond organ, which got delivered to our apartment today. You can add keyboards to the long list of things that I am nerdy about. We loves us some keyboards. Now I can have live organ music serenading me while I post on this blog. My apartment sounds like Fenway. I love it.