Can't Sleep. Thing Will Eat Me.

I was doin' a little procrastinatin' today and found myself checking out the current line of Marvel heroes pre-school toys. Because, y'know, they are pretty cute, and...AAAAHHHHH!!! KILL IT!!!!


Ok, well that took years off my life. Let's see what else they've got.

What would a Spider-Man kids toy designed by Frank Miller look like?

Those are some big ol' feet.

Do you want to see something adorable? Get ready:

Awwwwwww. I can barely stand looking at it, it's so cute!

Underwater Spider-Man:

Just like in the comics.

Actually, confusing Spider-Man figures is a bit of a running theme:

Except this one. This one is just awesome:

Battlin' Peter Parker!

Who's got a bumper car?

The Thing's got a bumper car! Weird!

This one makes a lot more sense, in that I could actually see The Thing purchasing one of these:

What if Captain America and RoboCop had a kid? I think he'd look a little something, a-like this:

And, finally, Hulk Boat:

Aw, who's the little captain? Or should I say "lil' captain."

Well, that ate up some time. I've got to get me one of those adorable Iron Mans.