Podcast - Episode 103: Black Panther, The Complete Collection vol. 1 by Christopher Priest

Week three of the summer book club and we read the first volume of Christopher Priest's run on Black Panther. Seventeen issues of Everett Ross is whole lot of Everett Ross.

Here we have T'Challa with his...um...underage(?!) sex partners in waiting.

Sensibly dressed for their jobs of protecting the king of their nation. But at least they are ready to go if, at any time, T'Challa decides to sleep with one of them/make them his wife. Yuck.

This page here will give you an idea of why it took us so long to get through this book:


Black Panther's other super power: talking really, really, really fast.

Here he does it again, to Captain America:


Steve: "Sorry, friend. I missed everything you said after 'I have known...'"

And finally, here is that brutal Falcon costume design:

Here's the link to the Sept. 2017 Men's Journal feature on Jeremy Renner. It provided me with a lot of laughs.

But let's leave off with this promo image for Marvel 1,000,000 B.C. of Ghost Rider riding on a flaming mammoth, shall we?


Actually, let's leave with this photo of Armie Hammer from a Sept. 2017 Vanity Fair's style portfolio:

How dare you, sir?