This Week's Mini-Haul

I'm back from Toronto, aka The Big...City?

Anyway, it was fun and we played and people liked us and we met Wanda Jackson and she was rad and I ate lots of good food and I finally went to The Silver Snail and it was awesome.

And I saw a raccoon walking down the street!

Now I'm back in Hali. Eating Kraft Dinner. Wishing I had cable so I could watch the Red Sox game. GO SOX!!!

Comics were great this week. I didn't get a chance to do proper reviews, but here are some quickies:

Brave and the Bold: Ohmygod. This was so good. This series is, seriously, perfect. Wonder Woman and Power Girl together, and they were so distinct from each other. It was great.

Catwoman: I was really scared for this issue because I kinda knew what was going to happen. I don't like that they are writing off Selina's daughter, but I am REALLY glad that Zatanna didn't mindwipe Selina or anything. That would have suuuuuuuucked. So I hate that the kid is gone, but it was done in the best way possible.

Aquaman: Sniff! Farewell, Aquaman. I loved you so.

Justice League of America: It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. Actually, it was completely forgettable.

Birds of Prey: This was tons of fun. I am looking forward to McKeever writing this series, but if Bedard was going to stay on as the writer for a while I wouldn't complain.

Captain America: The more Winter Soldier the better, I say! So I loved this issue. But, like I was saying in the shop the other day, it would be pretty surprising if Ed Brubaker ever wrote a bad issue. And if he did, I would assume it was brilliant satire.

Marvel Adventures The Avengers: Ty Templeton! Between this and the Avengers Classic comic this week, I just really love the Avengers. (Note: Avengers Classic would make an excellent golf tournament title).

Metamorpho Year One: Y'all should be checking this out if you're not. It's really good!

And that's all I got to. I still have to read Umbrella Academy, Countdown and Death of the New Gods.