Quick Reviews: Super Friends #3 and Marvel Adventures Avengers #24

As is often the case, this week the best comics were the all-ages ones. There were other good comics for sure; Catwoman and The Spirit were both exceptionally good, but the all-ages titles rocked it.

Super Friends #3

This was really funny. I felt that so far this series was good for really young kids, but very bland. This issue, however, was very cute and entertaining. Mostly because Faust was wearing finger puppets that control the Super Friends. And also because he instructs the kids on how to make their own puppets.

And then when he uses the brainwashed Super Friends to collect the three mystical items (wheel, bell, jar), he can't open the jar...because he has puppets on his fingers!

And if he takes them off, the Super Friends will clobber him! Oh, Faust. You gotta think these things through!

Ok, and also...the Super Friends decide to all switch costumes because that way the finger puppets won't work (?). My first thought was "Who does Wonder Woman switch with? She's the only female!"

Of course. I'll bet this whole plan was Aquaman's idea. It's probably his plan for everything. "Hey guys, let's all switch costumes! I'll be Wonder Woman!"

Bonus panels!

I love this because you know Aquaman has been waiting for a really long time to yell this:

And Superman just cuts him off with a big ol' hand. Poor Aquaman.

Also...Batman visiting Superman in jail!


Marvel Adventures Avengers #24

Jeff Parker is only writing a couple more issues of this, which is too bad. It really is the best Avengers comic on the stands.

In this issue the Avengers all suddenly really hate each other and fight constantly. It's funny. It all starts when Captain America gets zapped with a mysterious ray gun and bowls Ant Man over with a cob of corn during lunch.

And that leads to this hilarious argument:

The team realizes there's a problem, so they call up the guy who knows the most about anger management:

"Yes, it's purple." Ha!

After a therapy session with Doc Samson, the Avengers are told they need to go fight some bad guys to get the rage out of their systems. So they go pick a fight with Hydra. It doesn't work, and more hilarious arguing ensues:

It's a great comic. I highly recommend.