Podcast - Episode 75: Looking Ahead!

How were your holidays, everyone? Good? Great.

We're back and it's 2017 and everything is still looking pretty horrifying but at least there are superhero things to look forward to, right?

Here is the Chris Samnee sketch(?) that I bought myself for Christmas:

Chris Samnee said I deserve it. And, let's face it. I do.

It's so great! I can't wait to see it in person! Big thanks to my friend Heather Harkins for letting me ship it to her.

Let's look at some comic panels for context!!!

Here is some terrible hair from Thunderbolts:

Here are the little dolls that Kobik makes. I want them:

Here is Steve cradling Bucky's arm (or playing it like a guitar):

I didn't mention that Steve had a ridiculous-looking juicy butt in Thunderbolts this week. He did:


Here is Bucky's devastating "But I love yoooooooou" face after Natasha, once again, reminds him that she has no memory of their perfect, wonderful love:

I also want to point out that this full page Bucky is one of the best pieces of Winter Soldier art I have ever seen. Hats off, Mr. Samnee!

And here is the pillowcase that Cal gave me for Christmas:

Sweet dreams will be had!