Daredevil: The Luckiest Guy in the World

Daredevil [v.1] #77 is a great comic.

In it, we get to see Spider-Man, Daredevil and Namor fight each other for no reason. We see rampant brooding by both Spider-Man and Daredevil. We see no brooding whatsoever from Namor. And we get to see Spider-Man make a statement which is grossly inaccurate:

"There goes the luckiest guy in the world." Falser words have never been spoken.

I hope you guys like brooding, because here comes a pile of it:

Yes, Matthew. Please do.

Time for Spidey to lay down some mad introspection. Although he does his out loud:

Is Spider-Man talking about the same Daredevil? "What does Daredevil know about being hurt so many times you feel like a human punching bag?" Spider-Man needs to check out Daredevil issues #1-present.

Thank God this thing shows up and stops all the whining:

Namor limits his interior monologue to two sentences before tearing off his fetching fedora and herringbone coat and reminding us why Namor is the MAN:

I wish I could get away with talking like Namor. "Though Rachelle is hungry no longer, still she could go for some Arby's...for their's is the Horsey Sauce tasty!"

Anyway, Daredevil shows up and makes some false assumptions based on nothing:

What. A. Douche.


They fight and Daredevil gets his ass handed to him. Which is satisfying:

Daredevil could probably fight better if he stopped brooding for one second. Unfortunately, he doesn't figure this out:

Ohmygod, Daredevil. Please shut up. Although...that first panel is HILARIOUS.

I want to know what Namor's "classy accent" sounds like.

Spider-Man shows up before Daredevil gets himself killed. He immediately starts attacking Namor as well. Namor responds by kicking him in the face:

Their numbers end at two, Namor.

So Spider-Man, because he's kind of a jerk I guess, decides to wail on Namor for awhile to prove he's a better hero than Daredevil.

I like that meanwhile we see no thought bubbles from Namor. He's not thinking anything that he isn't saying out loud.

So they fight for awhile instead of addressing the real threat, which is that glowing thing that showed up.

Instead they capture Namor in a net. With entertaining results:

I like that Spider-Man called Namor "cutes."

This story gets resolved in an issue of Spider-Man which I don't have.