Hip-Happy Heroes Part 3

Hip-Happy Hero: Fatman

Only two days into my epic, week-long Hip-Happy marathon, I cheat! Unable to discover a comic in which Batman gets real fat (not that I'm not certain there is one, mind you) I instead give Fatman!

All of my rules and fancy questions are out the window! This is a public service announcement for everyone who has never heard of Fatman, the poor fools! View and weep!


Fatman is a member of a strange class of characters that you don't see any more, the clown who dresses up like a super-hero. Green Arrow had one named (I think) Green Error, Superman had the Ugly Superman and Batman had Fatman, who parodied his crime stylings at the local circus.



Trouble was, Fatman wasn't content to merely ape Batman's style and rake in mad circus cash. No, he legitimately wanted to be a crimefighter, a crimefighter who got to ride in a car. 


Happily for Fatman, Batman is never one to let an easily-fulfilled wish go unanswered, and he offered to take the sad little clown on his nightly patrol.

Things go wrong, however, and Batman and Robin end up being captured by the nefarious-but-poorly-named Red Mask Gang. But even though Fatman had been told to stay in the car and play the radio to keep himself entertained, he sallied forth to rescue his hero!


Oh no! Was it all in vain?


Heck no! Fatman, though not a fighter or a detective like Batman, was disguising his true purpose: to bust the Dynamic Duo out of their makeshift jail cell and let them take out the  Red Mask Gang once and for all! And he does, and they do! Hurrah! Fatman is a credit to fat guys and clowns everywhere.


 As I'm sure Fatman knows: Hip-Happy Means Plump!