FAT WEEK: Millie's fat friend

Having played the role in real life more than a few times myself, I have great affection for the fat friend character in all forms of fiction. One of my favourites is Millie the Model's chunky pal and roommate, Daisy. Daisy is full of sass and kindness. She features prominently in the comics, but never gets her own fashion pin-up page (even though her clothes are pretty cool).

Actually, one of the positive things about Daisy is that she isn't always talking about food or eating. But, sadly, a lot of jokes are self-depreciating or are made at her expense.

People are generally complete assholes to her, particularly the loser she has a crush on, Marvin. It's kind of a Jughead and Ethel type of relationship, and she should really just forget about this asshole.

He, for whatever reason, agrees to go on the occasional date with her (although he claims he can only stomach one date per week). The dates are less than magical.

The worst part is that Marvin isn't the only one scoring points off her while they are out on dates.

Seriously, camera guy? Seriously?

Seriously, horse guy? Seriously?

Daisy lives in a cruel world where people are not even concerned when she plummets from a tall building.

"Haha! Good one! Should we call an ambulance?"

"Better call two!"

I love Daisy, but she needs to raise her dating standards.

And, of course, the only men who find her attractive are total freakshows:

So my main wish for Daisy is to raise her standards, and stop dating this jackhole: