In celebration of HAT WEEK, I am going to take a look at some very real super hero hats that you can buy and wear (though I would not recommend it).

First we have a Superman cap plastered with Jim Lee artwork. This hat blatantly ignores the "less is more" philosophy:

And if Superman isn't your thing, but you are still into hideous hats and Jim Lee artwork, the cap also is available in Batman:

This next hat seems like a pretty straightforward, though still terrible, Death of Superman hat:

Except wait! It's not that at all! It's actually part of a series of hats featuring superhero logos that have been splattered in paint:

Of course there are plenty of Dark Knight Joker hats, none of which should be worn by anyone:

There's a confusing series of Marvel hats that feature other Marvel logos with Wolverine slashes through them. I guess it's like the Marvel equivalent of having Calvin peeing on a Chevy logo:

This is a very intense movie Batman hat that just looks insane to me. Although if I were talking to someone who was wearing it, I would probably be staring dreamily at their forehead the whole time:

This hat is, for real, just straight up awesome:


This hat is straight up terrifying:


Hey, I know there's really no limits to how tacky your Punisher merchandise can be. But if there were a limit, I would say this hat is dangerously close to it:

And finally, Superman would never wear this: