The Unfunnies: Tricksy, World's Greatest Stunt Man

In honour of tomorrow, the most difficult Monday of the year (not the one after a [hopefully] nice long holiday break, as you might think, but the one after that, as it comes after a weekend that is a pale shadow of the break you just had), I broke open the "Jobs" subfolder of my Unfunnies archive:

Not only is this unfunny on the face of it, but I'm not entirely sure where the humour is supposed to be coming from. Is Tricksy legitimately able to hold his breath for an hour and just a bit of a nitwit? Is the comic revealing this stunt as a scam by implying that he's been perfectly dry the whole time, like that naked lady on the Chris Isaak Show? Whichever is the case, I laugh not.

From Lois Lane No. 25.