So I Was Reading Fate No. 3 the Other Day…

And I do declare that in a book absolutely [[filled with 90s character archetypes (Fate himself, for example), this lady:

… is the best example of the breed that I have encountered in a long time. Bathing suit with shoulder pads, gigantic armoured boots, crazy weapons, incredibly bombastic speech patterns? Checkity-check check check.

Oh, damn. I just realized exactly how 90s her origin is, too. See, she’s the last member of a race of ladies (?) with incredible magical powers, only when they were all wiped out by evil types(natch) she was the only one who hadn’t yet learned how to use those powers. So she made pacts with crazy creatures to get herself a house and train for, like, ever to make herself a complete martial badass. She has at least two unnecessary layers in her origin! Astonishing.