Postcards from Mavel Super Hero Island

I'm back home now. My superpowers have been fully re-charged from Florida's warm sun and I'm ready to blog like no blogger has ever blogged before. Blog!

I will miss the warm weather, but I'm pleased to have escaped America and it's deadly "orange" terror alert level (running joke: it was only yellow before I got there). Here the terror alert holds steady at...well, nothing. Because we don't colour code our abstract national sentiments here. If I had to guess, I'd say the terror alert is at level "meh" here.

So, Marvel Island. I have actually been there before. Four times before, actually. And EVERY TIME the damn Spider-Man ride BREAKS! You have to fix that shit, Universal Studios! Seriously! Good ride, though. Excellent waiting area, too.

Dr Doom's Fear Fall was one of the few rides I hadn't been on before. Something about that Spider-Man ride breaking repeatedly kinda makes you lose confidence in strapping yourself into a death drop machine. It's fun that a theme park would assume that people would be into a ride that has the supposed purpose of harnessing enough "fear fuel" to destroy the Fantastic Four. I gotta say, Doom, the ride was a little weak. Looked great, kinda scary. Don't know if you got enough fear out of me to destroy your enemies. If you were harnessing confusion, maybe...

The whole island looks great. Lots of fun stuff to look at. I dream of a DC-themed park that puts this amount of effort in. Cause Six Flags ain't cuttin' it.

Hee! Namor: King of the Restrooms!

Oh, and check this out:

Ha! Marvel heroes ride ATVs! I'd like to see Superman ride one of those. Except I WON'T because he would NEVER do that. The saddest thing was when some dude blew an airhorn and all the heroes had to come running and jump on these little vehicles and ride back into their...cage...I presume.

Here's my buddy Steph and her bespectacled pal, Cyclops:

This was kinda puzzling:

The good news is that I did get to meet Captain America. It was magical.