Podcast - Episode 14: Let's Settle This

Last week on the podcast I had the pleasure of getting Dave all angry when I suggested that Batman should maybe just kill the Joker. That got us thinking about other arguments and conversations that we never want to have again. So that's what the topic is this week. Yeah, it's a weird one, but it ends with Dave and I getting into a fight over Batman: Year Two. You don't want to miss that.

First we talk about some of the announcements that Marvel made about new or renewed ongoing series for 2016. We talk about Wesley Snipes' depressing campaign to make Blade 4 a thing. We talk about the study that showed that 53% of comic book readers are female. AND I finally got to talk about the shocking and delightful true origin of Red Skull. He was almost called HOT FUDGE, you guys! He was almost ICE CREAM-based!!!

Here are those concept sketches I did. I'm a very good artist:


Man, I wish Joe Simon had never noticed that cherry.

We also reveal the name I came up with for Jeremy Renner's possible secret album that he is maybe working on. And Dave made some great artwork. I couldn't choose one so here are all three.

I can't decide. Maybe number three? They all have a great Eddie Money vibe. I'm glad Dave did this because it saved me having to Google image search Jeremy Renner.

I pronounced Ta-Nahisi Coate's name incorrectly. It's actually Ta-Na-HAH-SI. I am trying a new thing, though, where I just give my best attempt at pronouncing names instead of being like "I don't know how to pronounce this!" because I have a weird name and I know what it's like to have people look at it and say "I'm not even gonna TRY with this one!" I hope I'm pronouncing Alti Firmasyah's name right. Honestly, I hope I'm saying Jeff Lemire's name right.

Dave wasn't lying about that Blade television series. 2006 on the Spike network, and it did indeed star Onyx's Sticky Fingaz! I don't know how I missed out on this whole thing. You can read about it here. Geoff Johns was one of the writers! It actually looks pretty fun. Sticky Fingaz looks great! You can watch the first part of the first episode here.

It wouldn't be a podcast blog post without Sebastian Stan content! Here is where you can watch his entire panel from Salt Lake Comic Con:

I do recommend searching Tumblr for all the fan photo op pictures with Sebastian Stan and/or Chris Evans. A lot of lucky people got to pay money to lay their hands on those men.

Oh, and since I was talking about 1872 this week, here's a cool fan thing someone made about 1872 Natasha and Bucky. It was reblogged on Tumblr by 1872 artist, Nik Virella:

If you are interested in reading my 2009 rant defending Wonder Woman, you can find it here. Nothing makes me angrier faster than someone saying that Wonder Woman is lame. You made an enemy for life, Megan Fox.

Here's the thing, guys. Dave is wrong about Batman: Year Two. It sucks. I put forward a very compelling argument against it way back in 2006. I guess that's what I was doing instead of watching the Blade tv series.

Haha! She who controls the blog gets the last word on Batman: Year Two! Eat it, Dave! Eat it forever!

Just kidding Dave. Please don't draw The Reaper in my sketchbook.


Oh and hey, guess what? It looks like next week's episode WILL be the Age of Ultron one after all! Our good friend Tiina Johns will be joining us! We're gonna eat pizza, drink beer, watch the movie, and record the episode immediately after! It will be awesome!