Cat Week Begins! An Interview With Tigra Superfan #1!

 And so begins Cat Week at Living Between Wednesdays! To kick off this seven-day festival of feline foolishness, I thought I’d do a bit of investigative journalism into one young man’s slightly unhealthy obsession. Sean Jordan is a former Strange Adventures employee and current Silver Snail employee, a man of many talents renowned for his microphone skills under the nom du rap Wordburglar (check out him out on the web here), as well as his quick-witted comic scripting—SJ co-created (with Mike Holmes) and writes the Arcana webcomic Snakor’s Pizza (check it out here, and dig the mad art skills of Kody Peters). Sean also co-created and provided artwork for the legendary Halifax-based minicomic Adventures in Paper-Routing, scripted by Alex Kennedy (check out this retrospective here, and keep your eyes peeled for the book’s upcoming revival). What many don’t know about this modern-day Renaissance man is that he is also, quite possibly, the world’s biggest fan of Greer Nelson, AKA Tigra. SJ can’t get enough of the Avengers’ resident cat-lady, and maintains a pretty impressive collection of her appearances and merchandise. Sean graciously agreed to be interviewed from his Toronto crib, peeling back the curtain on his comic-book crush.


Can you remember what your first Tigra comic would have been?

Yup. Marvel Tales #203, an old reprint story where Kraven had brain-washed her into fighting Spidey, then I believe Spidey cured her and they teamed up to take Kraven down in the classic Mighty Marvel Manner. I believe an adult I knew bought it for me at a gas station somewhere so I'd be quiet in the backseat…haven't read it since I was kid actually - now I need to go track a copy down!

What makes Tigra more special to you than, say, Hellcat, Catwoman, or even X-Force’s Feral?

Hmm, well first of all Hellcat's kind of a clone of Tigra's first incarnation, The Cat, so she's out. Catwoman, while pretty cool and also cat-based, does not have a tail, so she's out. And Feral??? Dave, please. In Avengers #216 Tigra stopped Molecule Man from destroying the world by convincing him to go see a therapist! That was shortly after he'd taken out Thor, Iron Man & The Silver Surfer! Beat that, Feral! 

Well put. Do you have a particularly favourite issue or run of issues featuring Tigra?

That Avengers Molecule Man issue is pretty cool, I believe he kept her alive after beating all the other Avengers because he wanted her to be his girlfriend haha…I feel like that happened to her a lot actually. Poor Greer. I also enjoyed John Byrne's West Coast Avengers run, and lately she's been kickin' some ass in Avengers: The Initiative

Is there any one artist who draws the best Tigra, in your opinion?

Don Perlin's swanky Marvel 1970s style is pretty great, he drew her first appearance and you can't go wrong with classic John Byrne. Also, Amanda Connor did an awesome Tigra sketch for me a few years back and I'd love to see her work on the character some day.

How exactly did your Tigra shrine get started? Is there one particular piece of Tigra merchandise that you remember buying first? 

It's not a shrine! It's just a place on a shelf, sheesh! I think it started out as a joke actually. I got the Bowen statue after it was revealed that I knew more about Tigra than anyone at the Silver Snail, and then every time I saw a Tigra toy everyone I knew made me buy it haha

 And finally, do you think you'll ever do a rap professing your love of Tigra?

Funny you should mention that, I just recorded a track with a hint of Tigra in it for my next album...stay tuned!