Podcast - Episode 151: Avengers West Coast: VisionQuest

Vision Quest Banner.jpg

We are joined this week by our friend Sean Jordan, aka Wordburglar, and also Alex Kennedy, who we unfortunately did not have a microphone for. We had a good time talking about issue #4 of The Last Paper Route, the comic that is made by Sean, Alex and Dave. We also talked about DCAF, which happened this past weekend, Sean's new album, Rhyme Your Business, Ghost Rider (the 2007 movie), and, of course, our book club selection, VisionQuest, by the lovable John Byrne.

Here is the photographic evidence that Dave did indeed pay Sean $5 to settle their bet that Dave would never watch Ghost Rider.


Well, that's over.

On to VisionQuest!

Here is that panel of Captain America excitedly running out the door when he heard the ADVENTURE ALARM!


And here's Scarlet Witch with a hairpin in her mouth, which I am obsessed with:


If you want to read a preview of my upcoming romance novel, Game Changer, you can do so on the Carina Press site. Also, if you want to follow my author Twitter account, it's @akaRachelReid

Next week we will be talking about The Untold Legend of The Batman! Don't miss it!

Podcast - Episode 122: Comic Book Resolutions

new year.jpg

We're back with a brand new theme song, courtesy of Wordburglar! It's awesome! Check out his website and buy all of his music!

We have some 2018 resolution suggestions for comic book publishers, and we get to those in the last part of the episode.

If you want to see what the hell we're talking about when we're describing that 'Create Your Own' Marvel comics thing, here are the details.

And if building a bronze statue of Wolverine in Fort McMurray, Alberta is a cause that is important to you, you can donate to the indiegogo page here.

Podcast - Episode 105: The Project Pegasus Saga (Marvel) with guest Sean Jordan aka The Wordburglar

We have another very special guest this week: Sean Jordan, aka The Wordburglar! We're all very excited to talk about Marvel's Project Pegasus Saga, starring The Thing and like a dozen C-list characters. 

Sean is joining us in person, so we recorded at Dave's kitchen table with a room mic, so it sounds a little different. You can hear occasional traffic/car alarms/cat meows. But it's like YOU'RE at the party, right! A fully submersive experience.

Here's a little Jude the Entropic Man for you. Sean describes him as "Gargamel cosplaying as He-Man". I think that's accurate:

If you haven't watched the (awesome) new Wordburglar video yet, here it is:

You can find all of Sean's stuff at the Wordburglar website!

And you can buy the first two issues of The Last Paper Route on Comixology here, and the third issue is available now at Strange Adventures and will be available soon in other places!

Enjoy the episode! We will be back next week to talk about Who is Wonder Woman? by Allan Heinberg and the Dodsons!

Podcast - Episode 65: A Visit from Wordburglar!

It's Wednesday! Coming off a Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada, and we are joined by our friend Sean "Wordburglar" Jordan. It's an episode so jam packed with geeking out that we don't even really have a topic!

We talk about so many things! Here are some helpful references!

Here's the article about Stan Lee's plan to end racial tension in America.

Here's an account (and here is a video) of what Peter David said at NYCC about the Romani people. And here is his follow-up blog post where he, uh, regrets(?) what he said?

Here is the trailer for the Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe series, which is a real thing that is happening:

Here is a picture of Gideon, which, yes, is an important reference image for this episode:

Enjoy! And check out Sean's new video for Channel Halifax, and check out the single on vinyl!

Podcast - Episode 9: What Kind of Nerd Are You?

We did it! We got Sean Jordan on the show! Our first guest!

On this episode we look beyond our love of super heroes to see what other things we are, and aren't, nerds about. Finally you'll know where we stand on things like Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stephen King and more! We also share some stories, good and bad, from working in comic shops.

I promised to show you the amazing thing that Jeremy Renner posted on Instagram, and then on Twitter twice. But, to be fair, it did have a really important and not-at-all confusing message about equality or something. So...here it is!

And here is that super sexy Hawkeye pin-up we were talking about from the MCU poster book, complete with Dave's text and my horrified reply:

It was really exciting to have another installment of the Renner Report.

In This Week in Winter Soldier we mentioned the image that was released from the set of Captain America: Civil War of Winter Soldier and Falcon running through an airport, and the inevitable meme it inspired. I did this to it:

And my friend Melissa Buote did all of this to it:

The 10 one is my favourite.

Dave and Sean and I told some of our favourite stories from working in comic shops, including some celebrity sightings! Here is a photo of Dave and the Rocketeer himself, Billy Campbell, at Strange Adventures in Halifax!


That's all for this week! Release the Civil War trailer, Marvel!!!!!!!!! This is me checking the internet every day to see if it's been released:

Podcast - Episode 7: Fantastic Four

We both re-watched the 2005 Fantastic Four, Dave watched the 1994 unreleased Fantastic Four, and then we went to see the new Fantastic Four movie on opening night together. So life has been PRETTY awesome lately.

Here's the thing: that 2005 movie is NOT THAT BAD. For one thing, my 5-yr-old son loved it, and isn't that worth something? For another, Chris Evans. For another, Chris Evans with chest hair.

Also, both of these guys were just great:

The new movie, however, is very bad and we clearly outline what was bad about it in the second half of this episode. I posted a bit of a rant about a specific problem with the movie here on Tumblr (Yeah! I have a Tumblr and I almost know how to use it! Dave has one too!).

Here is that J.Bone Devil Dinosaur print that he gave to my son, and the Marvel High print he gave me at Boston Comic Con:

Mitchell immediately called him on Superman being a DC and Devil Dinosaur being a Marvel.

Mitchell immediately called him on Superman being a DC and Devil Dinosaur being a Marvel.

Look at MODOK! Look at Captain America! Look at Tony Stark!!!

Look at MODOK! Look at Captain America! Look at Tony Stark!!!

J.Bone is awesome.

And here is that Deadpool that Franco drew for Mitchell. Pretty adorable little mercenary!

To clear up any confusion, yes that Midnighter series I was talking about was by Garth Ennis and drawn by Chris Sprouse, then the writing was taken over by Keith Giffen. It was good. The new Midnighter series is by Steve Orlando and ACO. I forgot to mention that on the episode (of course).

I mention in the This Week in Winter Soldier segment that some images were leaked from the Berlin set of Civil War that feature my boy in them. Here's one of them and you can find the rest here.

Such a happy winter soldier! I want to buy him one of those ice creams and watch the sun set together.

Such a happy winter soldier! I want to buy him one of those ice creams and watch the sun set together.

We will be talking to Dave (and hopefully Sean Jordan) next week on the show about their new comic, The Last Paper Route. You can buy a digital version of the first issue here.

And you can buy the new Wordburglar album, Rapplicable Skills (featuring awesome cover art by Dave and Signalnoise) here.

Hopefully we will have Sean Jordan aka The Wordburglar, on the show next week to talk about both of these things. And probably Tigra. Dude likes Tigra.