Podcast - Episode 8: Superhero Friendships

We are STILL waiting for that Civil War trailer. Guys, why won't they release it? WHYYYYYYY??!!!

Anyway, in the meantime, here is a new episode of our podcast.

When I gush talk about Planet Hulk this week I mention that the colours are amazing, but I do not mention that the colourist is Jordan Boyd. Seriously amazing art on this book.

I mention my adventures on Tumblr and some of the blogs I have been enjoying. Here is a link to parksandcap, which pairs Parks and Recreation quotes with Captain America stills and is HILARIOUS. Behold:


And now I just want to watch all of Parks and Rec again.

I also mentioned the textsfromcapscrew blog, which pairs tweets from the 'Texts from Last Night' Twitter account with Captain America stills. Also hilarious:


So funny. Go follow both of those blogs.

In the superhero friendships discussion part of this episode, we talk maybe too much (but never enough) about one of my favourite comics ever, Action Comics #241. I wrote about this story at length in a post on this blog here. It's seriously the best. I mean...

Some of the other specific comic issues that we mention/rec are:

Marvel Two-in-One #86 (The Thing hangs with Sandman)
Marvel Two-in-One #51 (Poker game with Beast, Wonder Man, Ms Marvel, Nick Fury and DumDum Dugan)
The Avengers #198 (Wonder Man and Beast shake off hangovers to fight a giant robot)
Wolverine: Weapon X #11 (Wolverine takes Captain America on a post-resurrection pub crawl around the world with Nightcrawler as designated driver)

We also mention the completely awesome (and completely out-of-print) Spider-Man/Human Torch series by Dan Slott and Ty Templeton. You can buy a digital version on Comixology if you can't find some old copies at your local comic shop. It is the best.

That about wraps it up for this week. And now back to anxiously awaiting the Civil War trailer. And looking at Chris Evans gifs from D23. Gifs like this one:

THANK YOU TUMBLR!!!!!   Source.

THANK YOU TUMBLR!!!!!  Source.

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