Peoples of the Solar System: Mars, Part the First

Hello again, and welcome to our next stop on our xenanthropologic tour of the Solar System: scenic Mars, home to more varieties of sentient life than any other world in the known universe. We'll be stopping here for quite some time, and rest assured: we will be returning.

As always, click to embiggen or you will miss all of the jokes. PLEASE READ THE JOKES.

EDIT: You might ask where the Greater Martian Skeptic might be found, since there is no handy line pointing out their homeland. Sadly, the Skeptics of Mars have been driven from their homes by members of more credulous and short-tempered species from adjoining regions. Please donate to the Skeptical Relief Fund today.

Peoples of the Solar System: The Oceans of Venus

This was supposed to go up last week, but my uploading skills failed.

Mysterious Venus! Swathed in clouds and mists! What, oh what lurks underneath? Well, according to my research, approximately half of all mid Twentieth Century writers thought it was likely that there was a lot of water and thus fishy-looking aliens:


Click to expand! Next time, some land-dwellers!