Cat Week: Scrapperton Buys Comics

For Cat Week, I'm passing my reviewing duties over to my cat, Scrapperton. He's an avid comic reader, although I don't usually trust his opinion because he's basically only interested in comics with cats in them.

His favourite is Grant Morrison's WE3, even though "iz sad" according to him.  I gave Scrapperton a copy of Cat Getting Out of Bag by Jeffery Brown, but he hated it and said "iz not true. All dis is stereotypes."

So, here's what Scrapperton has to say. (I've included some of my comments for clarification.)

Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #1

Scrapperton: Dis one haz a cat in it. Two cats! I luvs it.

Tiina: Yeah? Great!

Scrapperton: I roded on a hippopodamuss once, like da guy in da comic.

Tiina: What are you talking about? No, you didn't!

Scrapperton: Maybe it wuz just a fat guy.

Ghost Projekt #1

Scrapperton: Dis one has a cat.

Tiina: Yup.

Scrapperton: Iz he da bad cat? Did he kills all da baybees?

Tiina: Um, I don't know. I don't think he's to blame. He might be bad though.

Scrapperton: He scratchez da couch. Iz very bad.

DMZ #51

Scrapperton: No cat. I hates it.

Tiina: But besides there being no cats, what did you think?

Scrapperton: Needs more cats.

Batman and Robin #10

Scrapperton: CAT! Anothr cat!

Tiina: Sort of a fancy tiger guy. A little like Bubastis from Watchmen. Remember him?

Scrapperton: Where iz Catwoman?

Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way #1

Scrapperton: Da title doesn't rilly describe what's inside. And if dis iz da best up and coming artist den Marvel should be wurried. I can't wait 'till Faith Urrrin Hicks has comic in next issue of Girl Comics. She'z waaay better than any of dees guys.

Tiina: Wow, that's pretty insightful, Scrapperton. I was thinking something similar.

Scrapperton: Put dis comic in my box. I poop on it.

Tiina: Oh dear.