Archie Sunday: Going For the Lowest Common Denominator

The main story of Archie's Pal, Jughead No. 189 is ostensibly a simple tale of technology gone awry, as Archie and friends pay a visit to Dilton Doily to pick up a bit of technology:

But wait:

Yep, the device ends up inside of Jughead, with Reggie holding the remote, thus ensuring that hilarity will ensue. A fine story in the classic Archie mode, I admit, but I prefer to think that it is a pale, rewritten shadow of its former majesty, that it was once a cautionary tale showcasing the horrible repercussions that Jughead's years of poor eating have wrought on his gastrointestinal tract.

And so, gentle readers, I give you a series of out-of-context fart gags:

Of course, this being Riverdale, everything works out all right in the end, with Jughead's flatulence saving a crowd from a falling scaffold. Power to the pigger-outers! don't let the nutrition-savvy Man get you down!

Happy Sunday, everyone.