Podcast - Episode 16: Our Collecting Style

We recorded the episode this week in the middle of New York Comic Con weekend, so there was quite a bit of news. It also happened to be a veritable tsunami of a comic book week, so there were a lot of actual comics to talk about as well. Because of all this, we chose a short topic for the back end of the podcast this week: our collections and our collecting style.

I think more than any other episode, this one sounds more or less like you're having lunch with Dave and me or something. Just a really laid back conversation that goes off on some tangents. And discoveries are made! Like how I am totally rich now from owning a comic that I didn't even know was worth money!

We talk about the new Power Man & Iron Fist series by David Walker and Sanford Greene. If you haven't seen them already, here are the awesome new character designs by Greene:

I love the sneakers on Iron Fist! Really looking forward to this series. It looks, just from these images, like it will be fun, which is all I want out of my PM&IF.

Here is the link to that Adult Winter Soldier Muscle Costume (or marital aid). You can also just buy the mask. Just saying. It's a sex thing. 100%.

I don't have a whole lot to write this week. Like I said, very casual episode. Enjoy!

Archie Sunday: Archie's Gag Bag

Archie's Gag Bag was an Archie Comics classic feature, a page full of one-joke strips that was usually stuck between a couple of longer stories. Never before has the feature's title been as relevant to one of the gags. 

In an amazing coincidence, both Betty and Veronica made exactly the same sound in a similar circumstance.

(And I didn't get hurricaned to death! Just had no power for maybe 30 hours)

Archie Sunday: A Sporting Wager

Time for a bet: imagine a skate-off between Archie and Mr Weatherbee. Imagine that I'm not obviously setting you up - who would you bet on to win?

Just to make sure that you're making an informed decision, let's get some analysis from longtime Weatherbee coworker Miss Grundy:

And what about Archie and the gang - what do they think about the prospect of a skating competition with their beloved principal?

So, have you placed your bet? You've taken into account the fact that I'm totally not setting you up? Good.


Further, you shouldn't have taken that side bet that the whole thing wouldn't be totally awesome.

Awesome and slightly terrifying.

I just hope that you've learned your lesson about gambling.


Archie Sunday: A Terrifying Vision of Things to Come

Last week, Rachelle finished telling us the tale of what happens in the hypothetical future in which Archie marries Veronica and knocks her up good. At the end of that story, as many had guessed might happen, Archie takes a stroll toward a second possibly tomorrow, in which Betty is the one he ties the knot with (and there'll probably be some procreation there, too). But how will Veronica react to an Andrews/Cooper wedding? Don't worry, there's no need to spend the next couple of months fretfully biting your nails: Archie Comics No. 85 revealed all to the world way back in 1957:

First, the set-up. Archie and Betty are auditioning to be the most adorable DJs ever. Just as cute as can be, I swear. They do a great job, but the radio executives (on right, peering thoughtfully) need to confer for a few minutes before saying yes. Archie goes out on the street to wait, while Betty stays inside.

Archie encounters Veronica. Hilarity of that particular Riverdalian variety ensues:

And then Betty brings news, in her own super-clear way:

 "Yes, engaged, meaning hired in this context!" Hee hee, no. No, Misunderstanding is the order of the day for America's Typical Teens.

 Now here's the important part: what does Veronica do when she feels spurned and betrayed?

 Yes, she goes out and does something ill-advised out of pure spite.

 Nowadays, I guess that she's get some facial tattoos and experiment with polyamory with Dilton and Big Ethel, but the principle's the same: once Archie rejects Veronica, she's liable to do just about anything.

I was going to stop there but Jughead's reactions are so great:

 Good night everybody!

Archie Sunday: Going For the Lowest Common Denominator

The main story of Archie's Pal, Jughead No. 189 is ostensibly a simple tale of technology gone awry, as Archie and friends pay a visit to Dilton Doily to pick up a bit of technology:

But wait:

Yep, the device ends up inside of Jughead, with Reggie holding the remote, thus ensuring that hilarity will ensue. A fine story in the classic Archie mode, I admit, but I prefer to think that it is a pale, rewritten shadow of its former majesty, that it was once a cautionary tale showcasing the horrible repercussions that Jughead's years of poor eating have wrought on his gastrointestinal tract.

And so, gentle readers, I give you a series of out-of-context fart gags:

Of course, this being Riverdale, everything works out all right in the end, with Jughead's flatulence saving a crowd from a falling scaffold. Power to the pigger-outers! don't let the nutrition-savvy Man get you down!

Happy Sunday, everyone.