Sears Wish Book 2009: Disappointing!

I like to check in with the Sears Wish Book each year to see what new and insane toys are available. This year was a bit of a disappointment because Sears has switched their online format to an interactive catalogue that does not offer large, downloadable images. Also, as toys become more like tech gadgets and less like toys, there is less to make fun of. The toy section of the Wish Book is frankly pretty boring these days.

But I did manage to find a few gems. You'll just have to click on the links to see larger images on the actual Sears site.

Star Wars  Count Dooku Force FX Lightsaber Collectible

Now, I will admit that I don't know much about this newfangled Star Wars all the kids are talking about, Count Dooku...popular? Because this is the only lightsaber being offered in this year's Wish Book. And it's $120. And it appears to be bent. 


My First Craftsman Light-Up Air Compressor Set

Ah, I remember the Christmas that my parents bought me my first Craftsman light-up air compressor set. Seems like only yesterday I was using it to inflate the cat.

Step 2 Lifestyle Dream Kitchen

I know I have complained about these fake kitchen sets for young girls before, but seriously. This one is 160 damn dollars and it features a "stainless steel" oven as well as granite-styled counter tops. This shit is just insane.

There's also this:

My First Kenmore Beeping Timer Oven, Open-and-Close Refrigerator and Play-Spray Sink

Man, where are you even going to put all that? The entire My First Kenmore line is pretty upsetting. Mostly because they are all very crappy toys.

Interactive Toy Duck Hunter Indoor Flying Duck Hunt Game

And now I am going to switch categories completely by highlighting this crazy thing. From what I can tell, this is similar to the old Nintendo Duck Hunter game, except in this version you are shooting a fake gun at a fake robot duck that is madly flapping around your living room. And you will be a full-grown man while doing this, wearing camouflage gear. I can't think of a single thing that would make this a bad idea.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Cadillac Escalade EX

Well this is sweet because now your toddler can pretend to be Missy Elliot or Avon Barksdale.


Moxie Girlz Jammaz Sleepover Kit

This kit claims to have everything you'll need for the best sleepover in town, but it looks more like everything you need to attend a 1973 Elton John concert.

Baby Alive Whoopsie Doo

This doll not only will consume fluid and wet also poops! And that is just disgusting.