Podcast - Episode 87: The Power of Nostalgia

The release of the new Power Rangers movie has gotten us thinking about the power of nostalgia, which seems to be the driving force behind everything these days. As our generation replaces the baby boomers as the target demographic for all nostalgic pandering, Dave and I are pondering this strange hold that things we enjoyed in our childhood has on us.

But, more importantly, Jeremy Renner released an app this past week. And it is SOMETHING ELSE.

I will never understand how these stars you can purchase work. Apparently you use them, after you buy them with REAL MONEY, to show your support for your favourite posts? To let Renner know you are his real, true fan? Gross.

Anyway, the app is worth downloading just so you can get this message when you delete it:

But enough about that wiener. Let's look at this shirtless bathroom selfie that Sebastian Stan posted:

Yes. Yesssssssssss.

Again, this seems wildly out of character for our boy. But for a first attempt, I am impressed. I mean, yes, he could have taken a second to move that fancy bottle of blue handsoap out of the foreground. And maybe move or block the 'slippery floor' sign in the background. Maybe tug the waistband of those Calvin Kleins down a little bit...maybe take the sweatpants clean off...

But overall, very good effort. And if this is just his 'en route to Winter Soldier' body, well...

To be fair, I can achieve that same effect of the underarm muscle wings by wearing a bra that is too small.

Anyway, he is lovely. Please post one of these a week, my darling.

Ok, enjoy the episode everyone! Rate us on iTunes if you have a second!