Episode 126 - Scheduling Stress

This week we are talking about scheduling in the comic book industry, and I swear it's more interesting than you would think. I hope so, anyway.

Hillary joins us again to talk about the latest episode of The X-Files. We are also joined by two fighting cats.

We lay down some unpopular opinions about Logan and The Shape of Water, in an effort to lose most of our listeners.

But, I will win you back with this link to Sebastian Stan's Hugo Boss modelling video:

Helllllllllooooo Summer Soldier!

Enjoy the episode. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Podcast - Episode 115: Best of the Rest

publishers banner.jpg

We thought we'd give some of the OTHER comic book publishers some love this week. We don't hide the fact that this is primarily a superhero podcast, and that our first love is superhero-based comic books, but there are so many great comic book publishers and Dave is on the front lines of seeing what they are putting out each week, so we thought we'd check in. Most of them publish superhero books too!

Here's that delightful article about the drama that went down on the Jeremy Renner app. I'll miss that crazy app.

Thanks for listening!

Podcast - Episode 104: The Rocketeer by Dave Stevens (with guest J.Bone!)

It's an exciting week guys. Not only are we talking about The Rocketeer, one of Dave's favourite things, but we are also joined by our pal -- and frequent Rocketeer artist -- J.Bone! We love him!

We read The Rocketeer: The Complete Adventures, which collects all six issues of Dave Stevens' Rocketeer comics. We also watched the 1991 Disney movie. So we are totally ready to talk about the high flying adventures of Cliff Secord.

Just real quick, too, the books I read and recommended this week were Becky Cloonan's By Chance or Providence (Image) and The Wendy Project by Melissa Jane Osborne and Veronica Fish (Super Genius). I also recommend the prose novel, Peter Darling by Austin Chant, if you want to read another beautiful reinterpretation of Peter Pan.

Dave recommended the first issue of Elsewhere (Image) by Jay Faerber, Ron Riley and Sumeyye Kesgin.

Next week we are reading The Thing: The Project Pegasus Saga (Marvel) by Mark Gruenwald, Ralph Macchio, John Byrne and George Perez. We are both very excited about it. It is technically out of print, but can be found in a number of formats that may be kicking around your local comic shop. First of all, it can be found in issues #53-58 plus issue #60 of Marvel Two-in-One, so you may be able to find the original issues. Or you can find it in black and white in Marvel Essentials: Marvel Two-in-One vol 3. Or you can find the hardcover collection that was published in 2010. Or, if you're like Dave and me, you have the old trade paperback from the late 80s. It's also available digitally on Marvel Unlimited and on Comixology, if it comes to that. The hardcover (which is what is on Comixology) has extra content, by the way.

See you next week! Thanks, J! And thanks for listening, everybody!

Podcast - Episode 102: Sexcastle (Image) by Kyle Starks

It's time to get crazy. This week we read Kyle Starks' hilarious love letter to 80s action heroes, Sexcastle. PLUS we've got a lot of news out of San Diego Comic Con to cover.

Before we get to Sexcastle, though, let's have a look at that Infinity War poster:

And let's just...zoom in. And enhance...

My. God.

Here's what I forgot to mention on the episode: he is wearing the same Captain America uniform here that he was wearing in Civil War. It's just all dirty and gross and hot now. And he, like, Sharpied out the star. Lord above.

Like...I've not even seen erotic Captain America fan art that was this hot. Why do there have to be other characters in this movie?!


Aw, I didn't mean you, baby. You're still my favourite. Looking forward to you and Steve rubbing your beards on each other.

Alright, let's look at some Sexcastle. This is some solid cartooning.

The Damn Twins!

This is a really fun book and a short read. Perfect for the beach or to get you through a really boring summer wedding.

Alright, next week we are talking about Christopher Priest's Black Panther comics. We are going to be reading and discussing the first volume of the Complete Collection. That contains issues #1-17 and that is over 400 pages of Black Panther comics, so get reading everyone!

I'll just remind you that I have the entire summer book club reading list posted on Goodreads here.

See you next week!

Podcast - Episode 87: The Power of Nostalgia

The release of the new Power Rangers movie has gotten us thinking about the power of nostalgia, which seems to be the driving force behind everything these days. As our generation replaces the baby boomers as the target demographic for all nostalgic pandering, Dave and I are pondering this strange hold that things we enjoyed in our childhood has on us.

But, more importantly, Jeremy Renner released an app this past week. And it is SOMETHING ELSE.

I will never understand how these stars you can purchase work. Apparently you use them, after you buy them with REAL MONEY, to show your support for your favourite posts? To let Renner know you are his real, true fan? Gross.

Anyway, the app is worth downloading just so you can get this message when you delete it:

But enough about that wiener. Let's look at this shirtless bathroom selfie that Sebastian Stan posted:

Yes. Yesssssssssss.

Again, this seems wildly out of character for our boy. But for a first attempt, I am impressed. I mean, yes, he could have taken a second to move that fancy bottle of blue handsoap out of the foreground. And maybe move or block the 'slippery floor' sign in the background. Maybe tug the waistband of those Calvin Kleins down a little bit...maybe take the sweatpants clean off...

But overall, very good effort. And if this is just his 'en route to Winter Soldier' body, well...

To be fair, I can achieve that same effect of the underarm muscle wings by wearing a bra that is too small.

Anyway, he is lovely. Please post one of these a week, my darling.

Ok, enjoy the episode everyone! Rate us on iTunes if you have a second!

Podcast - Episode 86: The Devil You Know: Inside the Mind of Todd McFarlane

Iron Fist dropped on Netflix this week, so we're watching the 2000 National Film Board Documentary: The Devil You Know: Inside the Mind of Todd McFarlane.

So, first of all, here is the link to where you can watch the full documentary:

The Devil You Know: Inside the Mind of Todd McFarlane

It's full of HOT. BIDDING. ACTION:





Ok, I don't really have time to write this blog post. Enjoy the episode!!!!