Podcast - Episode 10: Animated Series

Animated series? Animated series'? Animated serieses?

Hey guys, it's my birthday today and that is super important! I am 35 today and to celebrate here is a solid hour of Dave and me talking about super heroes and cartoon shows! Like a couple of grownups!

In the This Week in Winter Soldier we talk about the super cute art that J. Bone made of Bucky and Natasha chilling out and watching Netflix. Here it is!

It's so cute I can't even...I hope Civil War is mostly this!

Speaking of Civil War, here is a link to that Civil War promo art that got released. And here you can see a very purple, one-sleeved Hawkeye (with a little buddy on his shoulder!), a stylish Sharon Carter, a fantastic-looking-as-always Captain America, a fancy new suit Falcon, and a salon-fresh, one-sleeved Winter Soldier:

I love that new Winter Soldier get-up. I also love that he has so many visible weapons (and probably like a couple dozen that you can't see). Still has the red star, though...interesting.

You know what these Marvel movies excel at? Boots. Great boots in every movie. They should release a line of boots.

We talk a lot about Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, which we agree are kind of the gold standard for super hero cartoons. We got so into talking about those shows that we didn't leave time to talk about Batman: The Animated Series, so we will devote a future episode to that show.

But Justice League is awesome.

We also talk about some super hero cartoons from our childhood. I mention one that I can't remember the name of, and that possibly never existed, but guess what? IT DOES! And here is the theme song:

Dave mentions the intro for the Youngblood cartoon that never made it to air. The intro can be found on YouTube, and it's worth watching, especially if you are a fan of spelling 'Youngblood':

And, of course, the Swamp Thing cartoon intro, which had the best theme song ever:

We gave some love to both Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Avengers Assemble. Both very fun shows. Dave needs to watch Avengers Assemble. Here are some gifs to convince him:

So many great cartoon shows, so little time!