Podcast - Episode 29: The X-Files!!!

Holy smokes, guys! The X-Files is coming back this week! We had to have superfan Hillary Titley (the Scully to Dave's Mulder), on the show to gush for awhile. So this episode ended up being pretty long. Twice as long as a regular episode, actually. And I think Dave says, like, five words.

Here is our guest, Hillary, holding the framed, signed oh-so-90s David Duchovny photo that we mention:

I was going to post a link to the Civil War panel video but I realized that I included it in last week's post. Hmmm. Well, we can look at some pictures of Chris Evans in a tux at the Golden Globes instead:

Oh knock it off, Christopher.

And here is Sebastian Stan at an afterparty, all safe and happy and sockless:

Did they coordinate their navy tuxedos? We can only guess! (Yes. Of course they did).

It's a long episode, guys. You don't have time to read stuff. I'm done.