Podcast - Episode 34: An R-rated Batman vs. Superman Movie? Really?

Mere days after Dave and I said that the success of Deadpool would lead to a tidal wave of R-rated superhero movies, Warner Brothers Studios announced that there will be an R-rated cut of Batman vs Superman: The Dawn of Justice for Blu-Ray and such. Seriously. Superman and Batman. R-rated.

So we have a few things to say about that.

This was the first week recording with our fancy new mics and mixing board and, yes, I need to turn Dave's mic up more next week and turn my own mic down. Will do!

We talk a bit about Hail, Caesar! this week because I finally got to see it. I specifically talk about Alden Ehrenreich and how I am now in love with him. Look at this beautiful thing:


Anyway, great movie.

If you want to read Jennifer Garner's awesome Ben Affleck shade, the Vanity Fair article is here.

And, hey, speaking of Daredevil (?), here is the latest (as of today) trailer that we discuss on this episode:

I forgot to mention this on the podcast, but I was a guest this month on Sean Jordan's Weekend at Burgie's podcast, and it was released this past week. You can listen to that here.

Here are those Paul Renaud preview pages that show the return of young, sexy Steve Rogers. Check it out:

Daaaaaaamn. That's some sexy Steve. A whole pile of hot Captain Americas, really.

Ok, well. Enjoy the episode. Thanks for listening, as always. Follow us on Instagram!