Podcast - Episode 4: The Wrath of Cons

Recoded in the middle of San Diego Comic Con (but nowhere near San Diego Comic Con), Dave and I discuss some of the announcements made over the past few days, including...

  • Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars
  • The terrible idea to make a Killing Joke animated movie
  • Max Landis's stupid thing!
  • Poor Ben Affleck 

We also talk about Arthur Suydam's appalling/amazing behaviour at Montreal Fan Expo. You can see the story here. And you can read his absolutely astonishing bio on his website here

And here is that Photoshopped image from his site that shows a "giant line-up" at his table.

You can see the very funny gif campaign that Chris Haley started on Twitter in response to Max Landis stating that he "sort of wanted to do the opposite of All Star Superman" here.

You can watch the awesome Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes episodes with Winter Soldier here and here.

You can see all of the Archie #1 variant covers here.

We talk about our own personal con experiences in the second part of the episode. I had already documented my times at HeroesCon in 2008 and 2009 in a few blog posts with lots of pictures, so if you want to check those out here they are:

Report with images of sketches from HeroesCon (2008)

Photos from HeroesCon (2008)

Report and images from HeroesCon (2009)

I mention that the reason I went to HeroesCon is because I was invited by the nice guys at The Dollar Bin podcast, so please check their site/podcast out!

And here is the awesome Rorschach sketch that Dave Gibbons did for Dave!