Podcast - Episode 114: Comic Cover Clichés


Apologies for the very visual topic this week, but I will include some helpful images in the blog post.

Before I post some covers, here is a link to Dave's Letterbox page, where you can follow along with the spooooooooky movies he's been watching this October.

Spooooooooooky movies like this one, 1990's The Ambulance, which features the Marvel offices and some familiar Marvel faces (faces like Stan Lee, not like Bruce Banner). Dave has helpfully cut to one of the Marvel scenes here.

Oof. Eric Roberts' hair, huh?

Ok, let's look at some covers. Here you will see, in order, examples of "Death of Whoever"; "Floating Heads"; "Charging at Each Other"; "Scales of Justice" or "Big Guy Little Guys"; and "Just a Bunch of Guys".

Thanks for listening!!!

Podcast - Episode 107: Ms Marvel: No Normal (Marvel) by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona

book club banner.jpg

This week for the summer book club we read the first volume of Ms. Marvel by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona. Debuting in 2014, Kamala Khan has quickly become a fan favourite character and this book definitely shows you why.

I haven't read the final issue of Secret Empire yet, as of writing this, but I am very much looking forward to some sweet, sweet angst. But I really will feel bad for Zemo. He's gonna be so sad about not being Steve's friend! These panels from issue #9 killed me:

DIZgc7KVYAE8s5B (1).jpg

Aw. Sweetie.

Thanks for listening! See you next week when we will be talking about The Valiant by Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, and Paolo Rivera!

Podcast - Episode 102: Sexcastle (Image) by Kyle Starks

It's time to get crazy. This week we read Kyle Starks' hilarious love letter to 80s action heroes, Sexcastle. PLUS we've got a lot of news out of San Diego Comic Con to cover.

Before we get to Sexcastle, though, let's have a look at that Infinity War poster:

And let's just...zoom in. And enhance...

My. God.

Here's what I forgot to mention on the episode: he is wearing the same Captain America uniform here that he was wearing in Civil War. It's just all dirty and gross and hot now. And he, like, Sharpied out the star. Lord above.

Like...I've not even seen erotic Captain America fan art that was this hot. Why do there have to be other characters in this movie?!


Aw, I didn't mean you, baby. You're still my favourite. Looking forward to you and Steve rubbing your beards on each other.

Alright, let's look at some Sexcastle. This is some solid cartooning.

The Damn Twins!

This is a really fun book and a short read. Perfect for the beach or to get you through a really boring summer wedding.

Alright, next week we are talking about Christopher Priest's Black Panther comics. We are going to be reading and discussing the first volume of the Complete Collection. That contains issues #1-17 and that is over 400 pages of Black Panther comics, so get reading everyone!

I'll just remind you that I have the entire summer book club reading list posted on Goodreads here.

See you next week!

Podcast - Episode 88: Let's Talk About Marvel


Oh, Marvel. Why can't you just stop saying dumb things?

David Gabriel says that fans are complaining about too much diversity in their books, and Axel Alonso says no one cares about artists (I am paraphrasing heavily here). Dave and I have some other ideas about what might be causing Marvel's sales slump.

I was going to post a bunch of terrible panels from Thunderbolts #11 here, but why beat a dead horse? Hopefully my beloved Bucky will find himself in a better looking book soon.

It's a fun episode! I can't think of much to post this week. Enjoy!

Podcast - Episode 83: X-Men Movies VS MCU Movies

Look, I'm aware that a dumb list of reasons why the X-Men movies are better than the MCU movies is not really worth the amount of scorn or attention that we give it in this episode, but, well...we're all on edge these days and sometimes you just have to find an outlet.

Allow me to submit to you this image of Robbie Amell, my current choice for Nightwing:


What else...OH! That stupid Jeremy Renner Instagram post! Get ready for your eyes to bleed!

Daily prayer for unity #roughroad #strangedays #smallthingsmatter #beActiveNotReactive

A post shared by Jeremy Renner (@renner4real) on

I mean...my god.

Let's end this with a picture of Chris Evans on the red carpet at the Oscars with his sister, because awwwwwwwwww:

Podcast - Episode 79: X-Men: The Last Stand

Well, the world has gone from bad to worse this past week. You know what else has gone from bad to worse? These X-Men movies.

Dave and I bit the bullet and watched X-Men: The Last Stand this week, a movie that neither of us had seen since we saw it in theatres in 2006. It's not very good. But at least it references an ancient meme.

Here's Bucky's stupid new arm, as revealed in this week's Thunderbolts #9.

It's in a bad way, Bucky. A very bad way.

It's in a bad way, Bucky. A very bad way.

No. Come on.

No. Come on.

Sigh. Anyway. 

Happy belated birthday to Dave! It was his birthday yesterday (Jan 31), a fact that I neglected to mention on the podcast. My brain isn't working so great these days.

Next week: X-Men Origins: Wolverine. God help us.