Podcast - Episode 40: Captain America II: Death Too Soon

We just couldn't put it off any longer, guys. We bit the bullet and watched the second (and thankfully final) 1979 Captain America television movie, Death Too Soon. It's...not good.

I'm not gonna lie. I am pretty distracted writing this post because I am waiting for the live stream of the Civil War red carpet premier to start. Also, there are like one gajillion amazing images, interviews, videos, and gifs hitting the internet this week of all my favourite men. Like this one:


Look, I'm probably gonna get in trouble with big popcorn here, but here are the links to the Pop Secret promotional Marvel comics by Peter David and Marc Laming:

Hawkeye vs Black Widow
War Machine vs Falcon
Iron Man vs Captain America
Black Panther vs Winter Soldier

My apologies if any of those links go dead. You don't wanna mess with the Pop Secret thugs.

Maybe you didn't believe us when we said there is a lengthy scene in Captain America: Death Too Soon where Steve Rogers paints a portrait of a cat. Well, joke's on you, dummies!

Yeah. It happened. And then some local thugs intimidated him by PAINTING GLASSES ON THE CAT!

There is NOTHING funnier than that!

So, it's a really good movie. If you don't believe me, here is a good clip that shows you Captain America drive his motorcycle into a prison, drive around inside for awhile, and then fight three dogs for way too long:

Ok, not much more to report this week. Thanks for listening. Next week...maybe an awesome surprise guest! Stay tuned!