Podcast - Episode 66: Dave Spooks Rachelle

Did you miss us? We're back! And there's so much to talk about!

Did you guys watch that Rocky Horror Show thing on Fox last week? Oof. Not good. Rocky's shorts were a god damn hate crime:

Let's just erase that image with a little...

Oh yeah. That's the stuff.

And speaking of the stuff, here's that Chris Samnee cover for Black Widow no. 10 that made me DIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!

So cute! So exciting! So sexy!

Here's Spencer Tracy as Mr Hyde, looking basically better than I do most days:

Do check out Dave Tumblr so you can see all of his Fake Frights horror movie posters.

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeen everyone!!!

Podcast - Epsiode 18: Spooooooky Halloween Pt. 2

You thought you were safe after last week? NO! The fright fest continues this week on the Living Between Wednesdays podcast!

Dave was on our local CTV news in a segment about Back to the Future Day. You can watch him fail to sell a reporter a Marty McFly hat here.

ABC, Dave. Always Be Closing.

The Winter Soldier episode of Avengers Assemble is season 2, episode 4 and it's called Ghost of the Past. This is what my boy looks like on that show:

Not bad. Didn't love the episode, though, or the depiction of that character on this show.

We talk a whole lot about ol' Jeremy Renner this week. You can see the tweets I was talking about here.

I don't know why but I am filled with glee thinking about Renner choosing the perfect font for that post.

I also meant to mention that Click Hole posted this amazing reply to one of Renner's tweets:

That made my day.

You can find a great post on his disinterest in supporting female actresses and his interest in Remy Martin, complete with horrible pictures of him in a turtleneck, on Lainey Gossip here.

Dave describes Nightmare of Elm Street 3 to me on this episode and it's like Dave doesn't even notice how incredibly messed up everything he is saying sounds. He's just talking like "So these kids are in an asylum for suicidal kids, but they aren't suicidal, it's just that Freddy keeps trying to make them kill themselves in their dreams. So they are burning themselves with cigarettes to stay awake..." NO THANK YOU!

Here are some of our past Halloween costumes, starting with one that didn't get mentioned on the episode: Dave as Weird Al:

Here's one of me as Black Canary from 2006:


Nice of me to clean up the apartment before taking that picture. Here's one of me with Matt as Silver Age Green Arrow:

black canary.jpg

Matt sort of understood who he was supposed to be. Man, that wig I had was not great. I think it was supposed to be a Marilyn Monroe wig. Sheesh.

Here's Dave as Hawkeye in 2009:

And here's both of us as Barda and Orion, striking some Kirby poses:

Here is a picture of Dave as Etrigan that I can't stop looking at and is my new favourite thing:

And Dave as Madman with his friend Jay as Hellboy and, yes, both of these costumes are amazing:

Me as Captain Cold. I'm pretty sure I posted this picture here before:

And here is Matt and me as Bill and Ted. The background may have been photoshopped:

And that's all we could find.

So, I don't know, should I go in the haunted house again? Oh God. I don't want to hurt Dave. Maybe I'll be calmer about it this time? I know what to expect? Maybe I should get tipsy first? Maybe we can relax with a round of Monster Mini Golf after?

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Podcast - Episode 17: Spoooooooky Halloween Pt 1

Good evening! [lightning crash] Welcome to this week's episode of DYING Between Wednesdays! It's almost Halloween so Dave and I are talking about spooky stuff for the next two episodes. Dave talks about the 31 horror movies that he is watching this month, and explains his long-standing love of horror and monsters. I explain my long-standing hatred of horror and monsters.

We are not kidding about the giant penis silhouette on the first page of Captain America: White #3. Check it out:

I mean...

And speaking of super sexy things, here are those Chris Evans photos from the Chinese magazine, Modern Weekly. Here's a taste:


Ok, I'm going to try to write more here without scrolling up repeatedly to look at that image.

Um...ok. Ok.

Here is that super adorable drawing J.Bone (aka the Toronto wing of Living Between Wednesdays Inc.) did of Bucky and Natasha having a relaxing salon day:

Natasha takes Bucky in for a pre-Civil War makeover #stucky #marvel #blackwidow #wintersoldier #jbone

A photo posted by J.Bone (@originaljbone) on

Crazy cute, right?

Here's the trailer for the Lego Marvel's Avengers video game:

Looking forward to that playable Bucky!

You can follow along with Dave's 31 Days of Halloween horror movie viewings on his Tumblr. He has part one here and part two here.

And you can check out the Supergirl pieces Dave wrote for Global TV here. I am so excited for that show!

I apologize. This post is jumping around all over the place. I am watching The Flash while I write it. And I keep scrolling up to look at that Chris Evans picture.

Thanks for listening! Next week...more spooky Halloween talk. Maybe we'll even get around to talking about scary comics. And we'll share our favourite past Halloween costumes.

Fresh From the Theatre: Evil Dead

The good: Pretty clever set-up, lots of non-obnoxious callbacks and enough jump scares that I got my money's worth.

The bad: For an Evil Dead movie it takes itself a bit too seriously; the characters maybe have a few too many dumb moments.

On the whole: worth checking out if such a movie is to your taste.

BONUS: I totally guaged the type of smart-ass teen that was sitting behind me (ie, exactly the kind of dumbass smart-ass teen that I used to be) and correctly predicted that one of them would knowingly identify the cabin as "The one from Cabin in the Woods". Take my scorn, whippersnappers! I laugh at you from my thereputic bath!