Podcast - Episode 79: X-Men: The Last Stand

Well, the world has gone from bad to worse this past week. You know what else has gone from bad to worse? These X-Men movies.

Dave and I bit the bullet and watched X-Men: The Last Stand this week, a movie that neither of us had seen since we saw it in theatres in 2006. It's not very good. But at least it references an ancient meme.

Here's Bucky's stupid new arm, as revealed in this week's Thunderbolts #9.

 It's in a bad way, Bucky. A very bad way.

It's in a bad way, Bucky. A very bad way.

 No. Come on.

No. Come on.

Sigh. Anyway. 

Happy belated birthday to Dave! It was his birthday yesterday (Jan 31), a fact that I neglected to mention on the podcast. My brain isn't working so great these days.

Next week: X-Men Origins: Wolverine. God help us.

Podcast - Episode 78: X2: X-Men United

This has been an unbelievably sad week, so why not rub a little X-Men in the wound, right? This week Dave and I continue our look at the X-Men films of Hugh Jackman with X2: X-Men United. This is a movie that, for years, was considered to be the best superhero movie ever according to many incorrect lists. It's not really better than X-Men. It's just longer. 

On top of that, we try to wrap our heads around the argument that punching Nazis is bad. Here's what we've concluded: it's not. In fact, it's very good.

First of all, here is the link to Layton Reid's Facebook page. Layton is my husband's younger brother, and he passed away on January 19. I know that on the podcast I probably sound a little stiff when I'm talking about him, but truly I'm devastated. I am just horrible at expressing emotion. I am so glad I got to know Layton and have him as my only brother-in-law. He is incredibly inspirational, and his life and outlook have made me far more appreciative of how precious life is, and to be grateful for how lucky I am. It's just really fucking unfair that his time was so short, and I will really miss him. If you read some of his essays on his Facebook page, you'll get a good sense of how incredible and funny he was.

You can read Warren Ellis' thoughts on punching Nazis here. Here's the bulk of it:

I understand there’s been some confusion online as to whether it’s ever right to punch a Nazi in the face. There is a compelling argument that all speech is equal and we should trust to the discourse to reveal these ideas for what they are and confidently expect them to be denounced and crushed out by the mechanisms of democracy and freedom.

All I can tell you is, from my perspective as an old English socialist and cultural liberal who is probably way to the woolly left from most of you and actually has a medal for services to free speech — yes, it is always correct to punch Nazis. They lost the right to not be punched in the face when they started spouting genocidal ideologies that in living memory killed millions upon millions of people. And anyone who stands up and respectfully applauds their perfect right to say these things should probably also be punched, because they are clearly surplus to human requirements. Nazis do not need a hug. Nazis do not need to be indulged. Their world doesn’t get better until you’ve been removed from it. Your false equivalences mean nothing. Their agenda is always, always, extermination. Nazis need a punch in the face.

If you would like to read people's applications to the Sebastian Stan Protection Squad, you can check out the posts that use the instagram hashtag here. Here's the application, if you are interested in applying. I mean, volunteer work is important, and I can't think of a better cause than devoting your time and energy to protecting the happiness and well being of a thirtysomething movie star.



We really did get around to talking about X2 eventually. But first!

Check out how happy Bucky is for one hot second in Black Widow #10!

It doesn't last long. But so happy for a fleeting moment there!

And look at how cute Bobby and Romeo are in All-New X-Men #17!!!

Aaaaahhhh!!! I love the ice breaking off of him!

Ok. X2.

First of all, this movie definitely has its moments. In particular, it has this moment:

Lookin' good, Wolvie. And in this same scene we get Bobby taking the long neck bottle from Logan's hand and gently blowing on it, never breaking eye contact. It's...a tad homoerotic.

Anyway. Lots of thoughts on the movie in the podcast episode.

Thanks for listening! Next week...X-Men: The Last Stand. :(

Podcast - Episode 77: X-Men (2000)

An evil monster becomes President of the United States this week and we are coping by watching all of the X-Men movies. We kick it off this week with X-Men (2000). It's not bad, guys!

We're going to be continuing with this for as long as we can stand it. We will at least be watching the first three X-Men movies. I think we should force ourselves to watch the first two Wolverine movies as well. If anyone has copies to lend us, let us know!

Podcast - Episode 76: Favourite Formats

There's been a lot of talk in the comic book world lately about formats, and the future of how comics will be published and distributed. Dave and I talk about some of our favourite formats, old and new, in this episode. It's more entertaining than it sounds.

Not much to write about this week. We got a new microphone to replace the broken one, and we got new headphones, so things are sounding pretty good.

Thanks for listening! Let me know if you see any hardcover copies of Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus vols 3 & 4 anywhere!

Podcast - Episode 75: Looking Ahead!

How were your holidays, everyone? Good? Great.

We're back and it's 2017 and everything is still looking pretty horrifying but at least there are superhero things to look forward to, right?

Here is the Chris Samnee sketch(?) that I bought myself for Christmas:

Chris Samnee said I deserve it. And, let's face it. I do.

It's so great! I can't wait to see it in person! Big thanks to my friend Heather Harkins for letting me ship it to her.

Let's look at some comic panels for context!!!

Here is some terrible hair from Thunderbolts:

Here are the little dolls that Kobik makes. I want them:

Here is Steve cradling Bucky's arm (or playing it like a guitar):

I didn't mention that Steve had a ridiculous-looking juicy butt in Thunderbolts this week. He did:


Here is Bucky's devastating "But I love yoooooooou" face after Natasha, once again, reminds him that she has no memory of their perfect, wonderful love:

I also want to point out that this full page Bucky is one of the best pieces of Winter Soldier art I have ever seen. Hats off, Mr. Samnee!

And here is the pillowcase that Cal gave me for Christmas:

Sweet dreams will be had!

Podcast - Episode 74: Rogue One

It's the last episode of 2016! Dave and I went to see Rogue One (separately) and waited until recording this episode to share our thoughts. We have a lot of thoughts.

We also exchange Christmas presents!

Here is the Jabba the Hutt festive candy bowl that I gave to Dave:

And here's the Captain America toque that he gave to me!

Awwww thanks Dave!

And, for reference, here is the insane Suicide Squad toque I spotted in a store:

I mean, you could wear that with anything. This would have fit right in with the hats I reviewed on this blog back in 2010.

Alright, we're taking next week off and we'll see you in the new year. Let's end this garbage pile of a year with a very hot recent photo of Sebastian Stan.

Stop being so hot, Sebastian. It's gross.