Podcast - Episode 65: A Visit from Wordburglar!

It's Wednesday! Coming off a Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada, and we are joined by our friend Sean "Wordburglar" Jordan. It's an episode so jam packed with geeking out that we don't even really have a topic!

We talk about so many things! Here are some helpful references!

Here's the article about Stan Lee's plan to end racial tension in America.

Here's an account (and here is a video) of what Peter David said at NYCC about the Romani people. And here is his follow-up blog post where he, uh, regrets(?) what he said?

Here is the trailer for the Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe series, which is a real thing that is happening:

Here is a picture of Gideon, which, yes, is an important reference image for this episode:

Enjoy! And check out Sean's new video for Channel Halifax, and check out the single on vinyl!