Podcast - Episode 94: Captain America: The Nomad Saga


Awwwww shit! It's happening! Steve Rogers puts down the shield and sews himself a ridiculous new costume! Let's revisit the Nomad story line!

First things first: here is the link to the web comic Conceptual Heist by podcast listenter Jay D'ici and Matthew G. Gagnon.

And here are the final ECCE Sketch-off drawings of "Man-Thing eating a chocolate bar" by Nick Bradshaw, Mike Rooth and Tony Moore, respectively:

And here is a photo I took of the sketch-off as it was happening:

Here are some of our favourite panels from the Nomad Saga. We can't possibly post every awesome panel because that would be every panel.

First, here is Roscoe and Steve having a chill post-workout conversation:


Here is the insufferable asshole known as The Golden Archer:

But wait! It's just Hawkeye! Wearing a mask over a mask over a mask!


Here's Steve breaking out of the Archer's trap...the only way he knows how:


Here's the dumb baseball player who tried to be Captain America and broke his arm immediately. His legacy is this hilarious panel:

Here's Steve Rogers tripping over his cape like an idiot:


And here is his somewhat dramatic reaction to young Roscoe being killed:


In case you were wondering how Red Skull feels about Betty Grable, here you go:


Such a crazy fun story.

Alright. Thanks for listening! See you next week!

Podcast - Episode 68: Doctor Strange


Okay. Obviously nothing matters anymore because Trump is president and everything good is dead. 

We saw Doctor Strange! It was great! There are spoilers in the second half of this episode! Did you see how many WOMEN voted for Trump?! There is also some static fuzz that keeps coming and going throughout the episode! Sorry! America has elected the Gene Hackman portrayal of Lex Luthor as President! 

We recorded this episode before the election happened, so you can still hear an ember of hope in our voices. 

That hope has been crushed. But, hey. Comic books!

Here's something nice to take your minds off the fact that violent bigots now have the official backing of their government to "protect themselves" from minorities: Nick Bradshaw was doing sketches at Hal-Con this past weekend and donating the money to our local children's hospital! Check out his Instagram! I don't think any are posted there, but you should still follow him. Here's one of the sketches:

And now I am going to my happy place: Sebastian Stan at the Doctor Strange premier, sporting what appears to be the prelude to a full beard.

I love that suit! Please don't deport him, Emperor Trump!

Podcast - Episode 55: SDCC and Doctor Strange: The Oath

Dave went to San Diego Comic Con! He's back to talk all about the things he saw, the people he met, the awards he won, and the things he bought! We also cover as much of the news that came out of SDCC as possible, including our thoughts on about a hundred movie trailers.

It's also another instalment of our summer book club, and this week we are talking about Doctor Strange: The Oath by Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin.

PLUS we have a lot of comics to talk about! Steve Rogers Captain America #3 came out this week and it was awesome and nuts! And in This Week in Winter Soldier, I talk all about Thunderbolts #3 and tell Dave a story about fans going absolutely bananas on Sebastian Stan's Instagram when he cancelled his Wizard World Chicago appearance.

You can't watch Arty, the short film directed by Nathan Boone that Dave acts in, online yet, but here is the trailer:

Dave got me a present at SDCC! It's an amazing print by Marvel Studios' Head of Visual Development, Ryan Meinerding

Man, so pretty.

Ryan Meinerding has like the best job in the world.

Thanks Dave! 

Here are those Iron Fist/Power Man Bill Sienkiewicz Marvel ads Dave was talking about:

Alright! I hope you enjoyed, or will enjoy, Doctor Strange: The Oath! It's really, really good!!!!

Podcast - Episode 41: Steve McNiven!

Holy smokes you guys! Civil War mania is reaching a fever pitch, and it's not just in my own head any more! Dave and I are very serious about wanting to remain spoiler free when it comes to this movie, but we could not resist talking to Steve McNiven about his recent trip to L.A. to attend the world premier! He also visited the set in Atlanta last year! Oh, and he also drew the Marvel comic series Civil War. 

Steve McNiven is a superstar and he also lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia! He is also a super nice (and tall) guy and kindly invited Dave and me into his beautiful home to talk to him about all sorts of stuff. This is his very first podcast appearance ever you guys! What an honour!

I was very disciplined and I didn't even ask him how wonderful Sebastian Stan smells, or what Chris Evans' arms feel like, or if either or both of them are surrounded by an aura of pure white light. Or if that light only appears when they are standing together.

I kept it 100% professional.

Dave and I talk about some other stuff before, but whatever. Trailers, Spider-Man logos...these are all things you can Google.

Here is the cute lil' video of Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan on their way to a mystery location (Phoenix, AZ) to surprise some fans at one of the advance screenings of Civil War:

I would post more images and video of Civil War promo stuff, but there is just way, way too much. 

Ok, I am very tired from editing this podcast. Enjoy!

Podcast - Episode 39: Sick Day Comics!

Guys, I'm sick. Sick enough that I thought we'd have to cancel the podcast completely this week! Gasp! But instead, inspired by an afternoon spent watching plucky Steve Rogers overcome all obstacles in Captain America: The First Avenger, I wrapped my flu-addled brain around how to record via Skype and Dave and I ended up recording a pretty ok episode!

So this week we share our favourite "sick day" comics. The comics that sooth our souls when we are feeling under the weather. It's pleasant. 

First we talk about a few other things, including the Dr. Strange set photos, which you can see here and here and probably elsewhere. For the record, this one is probably my favourite:


Here's young, hot Steve Rogers looking all hot, thanks to Daniel Acuna:

Yes. Yesssssss.

Let's keep the hotness train rolling. Here's a link to some scans of the Sebastian Stan interview in the Malaysian men's magazine, August Man. And, hey, if you need some incentive, here is a sample photo:

Man, go to hell, Sebastian.

And of course there's a hot behind the scenes photoshoot video:

Which inevitably led to hot gifs made from the video:

Man, I am feeling better by the minute here!

As I mention, fans are calling the glorious age we find ourselves in these past few weeks "Sebpocalypse". There is a great recap here.

And if you like Chris Evans (haven't forgotten about you, babe!), he is on the cover of Esquire Middle East and you can find that interview here. It also has a photo shoot video and gifs and all the stuff. He's also very attractive.

Oh, and who likes adorable J.Bone drawings of Steve and Bucky?

I could look at those all day. I do, in fact. The first one is my lock screen/background. Oh my god those guys are probably going to hug in Civil War. They probably are!!! Guys!!!!

ALSO, J drew a very funny little cartoon based on something Johnathan said on last week's episode about Batman v Superman. Check it out.

So there you go. Follow J.Bone everywhere! (Online. Not in real life. That's terrifying).

I'm running out of steam here. Enjoy the episode. Dave and I rec some pretty great comics, so have your pencils ready. I really am feeling a lot better now. 

Podcast - Episode 27: 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to 2016, or as I like to call it, the year of Captain America: Civil War!

Dave and I get excited about all sorts of things that are going to be coming out this year.

First of all, here are the crazy adorable, impossibly awesome crochet Captain America and Winter Soldier that J.Bone made for me!!!!


I know why you guys come here: hilarious Captain America: White panels. Here you go!

I actually forgot to mention this one on the show. It made me laugh out loud for real:

"Soft spot." Skull knows what's up.

Here's Steve and Bucky rolled into a tight ball. This goes on for a few panels:


Here are the very oddly posed In Memoriam statues of Cap and Bucky:

And here's Captain America riding off into the American Flag sunset, his shield concealing the middle finger he's flipping Fury, probably:

Oh, Captain America: White. I miss you already.

Here is that VERY short Disney Channel clip about Civil War. It's a minute long and it made me lose my mind three times.



I have been looking at a lot of Stormpilot fanart on Tumblr. There is some great stuff. Like this:

But don't worry. I still make time for great Stucky fanart. Like this:

And speaking of Stucky, here is that Vanity Fair piece about the Steve/Bucky fandom.

Alright! First episode of 2016 done! Thanks for listening. Will we ever do a Jessica Jones episode? Stay tuned!


Good lord I forgot to post the gif that Matt made me for Christmas! Here it is:

And also, here is a link to the advent calendar he made for me in 2010. And here's a taste of what it was like: