Podcast - Episode 25: Star Wars

Guys, it's almost Star Wars day!!!!

Dave and I are excited for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Dave is VERY excited. So we talk about Star Wars memories, and our hopes for this new movie. This episode is 100% SPOILER FREE!

Here's where you can read/watch Emily VanCamp's comments about the possible romance between Sharon Carter and Steve Rogers in Civil War (or the possible romance between Steve Rogers and...someone else!).

Here are the awesome drawings J.Bone posted on Instagram this week. First a very sexy, brooding Winter Soldier:

Pensive Winter Soldier #wintersoldier #marvel #beefcake #jbone

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And then a super adorable lil' Stucky drawing that almost killed me:

Aaaaaand here is Sebastian Stan looking fly as hell at that Burberry charity thing:

I'm fine. It's fine that he looks like that. I'm ok.

Here's his Dubsmash video:


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Thanks for listening! See you at Star Wars, guys!