Podcast - Episode 26: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Merry Christmas! Dave already got everything he wants for Christmas, in the form of Star wars: The Force Awakens, so we're gonna talk about that.

I will warn you that this episode is crazy spoilery for The Force Awakens, so don't listen if you haven't seen it yet! At least not the second half.

Before I even get started, I received a package in the mail the day after we recorded this and it was from J.Bone and LOOK!!!!!



I love them and they are my best friends. Thank you, J!!!!!!!

Speaking of gifts, here's that Chewbacca cookie plate I gave to Dave last week:

I can't take credit for the peanut butter balls.

And here's the entirety of my Christmas list for, I dunno, 2020 or whenever they actually release this thing:

hot toys ws.jpg

Oh, Winter Soldier doll. I have so many inappropriate thoughts about you.

And here's that Civil War promo art that includes Sebastian Stan's quote about Bucky "going both ways."

And here is that weird Cineplex holiday ad that features a little girl Winter Soldiering a living snowman:

So weird!

We are taking next week off so see you in 2016! Thanks so much for listening! We both really love doing this podcast.