Podcast - Episode 123: Comic Book Sequels


Are comic book sequels every any good? Ehn...sometimes. Sort of. We talk about a bunch of them in this episode, good and bad.

We are also joined by Hillary Titley this week to talk about the X-Files, and also about I, Tonya (in what is possibly the loosest segment of 'This Week in Winter Soldier' ever).

Dave and I get into it again over Batman: Year Two. That damn comic is going to end our friendship one day. We did an episode once about things we disagree on, and it got pretty heated. 

My thoughts on Batman: Year Two, are well-documented.

Next week we are gonna talk about fandom and reminisce about fandoms we have been a part of and how we feel about fandom in general today.

Podcast - Episode 20: Events!

Secret Wars #7 drops this week and there are still two more issues after that one! Meanwhile Marvel has been rolling out their All New All Different line-up for the past few weeks, despite the event that was supposed to introduce it all not being finished. It's just the latest in a long history of major comic book events that are plagued by scheduling issues and generally fall a little flat.

So we're talking about comic book events this week! Which ones worked, which ones didn't, which ones matter at all, etc.

We got ourselves some brand new microphones this week and it took us forever trying to figure them out. We still have improvements to make, but I think you can expect a much better sounding podcast moving forward.

Before we get into our topic, we talk about a bunch of other stuff, including the alleged Disney decision to stop producing 'Slave Leia' merchandise. The raging online debate caused me to tweet that I would like to see some Slave Han Solo concept designs.

The tweet was a joke, but I was not at all sad that J.Bone delivered.

Sketch of Slave Han 1.0 before I head out for comics. #hansolo #starwars #rotj #drawing #beefcake #jbone

A photo posted by J.Bone (@originaljbone) on

You're doing God's work, J! Let's collaborate on a Han Solo/Winter Soldier crossover!

Speaking of Winter Soldier (and I usually am), here's that article about the cosplayer being arrested in London this week. And here is a great excerpt from it where they used a picture of an action figure for reference:

In other Winter Soldier news, look at this crazy hot picture of Sebastian Stan!!!


And speaking of hotties (it's segue city up in here!), here is that Chris Hemsworth Instagram post that caused me to spend most of a morning researching death-by-hippo stats:

Almost 3,000 people a year are killed by hippos?! A YEAR?! I don't buy it. I need to find a new source for my nature facts.

I say in this episode that I don't remember anything about Final Crisis except maybe I didn't like it or found it boring? I found an old blog post that completely contradicts this. Apparently I loved it. I still don't remember what it even was.

We didn't get around to talking about the new Supergirl episode but you can check out Dave's recaps for Global TV here.

Kyle Baker in Halifax! Tomorrow!

The incomparable KYLE BAKER will be speaking at the Halifax North Branch Library tomorrow afternoon! Baker, as you probably know, is an incredibly prolific writer and illustrator, who has won every comics-related award there is and worked for every publisher and company in the business. I just read (or in some cases re-read) a bunch of his stuff including Nat Turner, Why I Hate Saturn and The Bakers books—all amazing, and each totally different from the last. Baker's work is as diverse as it is brilliant.

Baker's talk is part of a day-long Graphic Novel Camp—an event providing education about comics and celebrating the medium. LBW's BFFs Mike Holmes and Faith Erin Hicks will also be there, as well as Kate Beaton (of Hark! A Vagrant fame), and the wonderful Rebecca Kraatz (if you haven't read her book, House of Sugar, do it! And check out the beautiful wood-burned images on her website. Looking at them is like a present you give yourself).

For more information about the Graphic Novel Camp event go here.

This is event is free! So come by!