Podcast - Episode 67: Luke Cage

We are recording via Skype this week because Dave is under the weather. But we both managed to finish watching the Netflix LUKE CAGE series and we have some thoughts! Lots of spoilers for the show in the last thirty minutes or so of this episode.

I don't even have much to write this week. I don't think we talk about anything that requires a visual reference. 

But it's a good episode! I promise!

Podcast - Episode 64: Creator Wars!

Dave is going to tell us some stories this week about petty nerd fights between creators. Fights that could not be contained within the realm of reality! They had to spill onto the pages of the comics! Men!

It's a busy time for me, but here are some quick visual references to enhance your podcast-listening experience!

First, here is the stunningly awesome custom Strange Adventures Lego set that Eric Miller of Dartmouth Clothing Company created for our friend Cal Johnston!

So great! I can't wait to see it built!

Here is the fantastic trailer for the fan-created (and, sadly, not real) Indiana Jones animated series:

Here are a couple of the official images from the JSA season of Legends of Tomorrow. You can decide for yourselves if these costumes look good on film or not:

Here is what I am talking about when I am relentlessly complaining about the art in the current Thunderbolts series. First, a side-by-side comparison of the Death of Capatain America panel:

And a very odd panel of a man drinking coffee from a mug (I guess?):

And here are a couple of the things that Dave talked about when he was sharing some creator feud stories. First, here's Jack Kirby's Funky Flashman and Houseroy characters:


Houseroy is the sickest burn. I love it.

And here is the page where Peter David gets his dig in on Erik Larsen:

Oh, nerds.

I'm out! See you next week with Sean Jordan! And check out Dave's Tumblr for all of his daily fictional horror movie posters!

Podcast - Episode 16: Our Collecting Style

We recorded the episode this week in the middle of New York Comic Con weekend, so there was quite a bit of news. It also happened to be a veritable tsunami of a comic book week, so there were a lot of actual comics to talk about as well. Because of all this, we chose a short topic for the back end of the podcast this week: our collections and our collecting style.

I think more than any other episode, this one sounds more or less like you're having lunch with Dave and me or something. Just a really laid back conversation that goes off on some tangents. And discoveries are made! Like how I am totally rich now from owning a comic that I didn't even know was worth money!

We talk about the new Power Man & Iron Fist series by David Walker and Sanford Greene. If you haven't seen them already, here are the awesome new character designs by Greene:

I love the sneakers on Iron Fist! Really looking forward to this series. It looks, just from these images, like it will be fun, which is all I want out of my PM&IF.

Here is the link to that Adult Winter Soldier Muscle Costume (or marital aid). You can also just buy the mask. Just saying. It's a sex thing. 100%.

I don't have a whole lot to write this week. Like I said, very casual episode. Enjoy!