Podcast - Episode 111: Favourite Single Issues (Part 1)


This week we tasked ourselves with each choosing five of our favourite single comic book issues. It was not easy, but between us we have a pretty solid list of ten comics. Because it was so challenging to get it down to so few, we are probably going to make this a recurring episode theme. Maybe monthly? I dunno.

Here are the lists, so you can head to your local shop and hunt them down:


Avengers #154
GI Joe #21
Doom Patrol #19
Tom Strong #1
Eightball #22


Jonah Hex #50
Captain America (and Bucky) #620
All-Star Superman #5
Wolverine Weapon X #11
Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #125

And here's that very important Jeremy Renner Instagram post:

Good stuff. 

Alright, we will see you next week! Thanks for listening!

Podcast - Episode 21: Outsider Comic Writers

I love that review quote on the cover. So much.

I love that review quote on the cover. So much.

So Max Landis wrote a Superman comic last week, and to, um celebrate(?) we decided to talk a bit about "outsiders" who try their hand at writing comics. Actors, musicians, directors, television writers, wrestlers, authors and more!

Still getting the hang of the new mics, but I think we're sounding better. You'll notice the sound gets better after the first couple of minutes (when we start talking about Supergirl) because we paused to fix some of the settings. Now I just have to remember to stay on the mic and we should be good!

It was a REALLY slow week for news, but a big week for comics. There was no Winter Soldier news to speak of, but that doesn't mean I didn't fill a few minutes with Bucky Barnes babbling.

Here's Chris Pine looking all hot as Steve Trevor:

I love me some Pine.

When we were talking about All New All Different Avengers #1 I voiced my concern about Sam Wilson hurling his shield through a car full of passengers. Here is what I was talking about:


And I also mention that Clint and Kate look a whole lot older than 'twenty years later' in Hawkeye #1:


When we are talking about Joss Whedon's run on Runaways, Dave and I both recall our favourite moment, when Molly punched The Punisher in the stomach (or nuts, if you like). Here are the panels:


We forgot to mention this on the podcast, but the comic Dave drew, The Last Paper Route, is now available to buy digitally on Comixology. Check it out!

I honestly can't think of much to write this week. Hopefully next week will be a more exciting comic news week. At least we'll have Jessica Jones to talk about! Thanks for listening! iTunes reviews are appreciated!

Podcast - Episode 16: Our Collecting Style

We recorded the episode this week in the middle of New York Comic Con weekend, so there was quite a bit of news. It also happened to be a veritable tsunami of a comic book week, so there were a lot of actual comics to talk about as well. Because of all this, we chose a short topic for the back end of the podcast this week: our collections and our collecting style.

I think more than any other episode, this one sounds more or less like you're having lunch with Dave and me or something. Just a really laid back conversation that goes off on some tangents. And discoveries are made! Like how I am totally rich now from owning a comic that I didn't even know was worth money!

We talk about the new Power Man & Iron Fist series by David Walker and Sanford Greene. If you haven't seen them already, here are the awesome new character designs by Greene:

I love the sneakers on Iron Fist! Really looking forward to this series. It looks, just from these images, like it will be fun, which is all I want out of my PM&IF.

Here is the link to that Adult Winter Soldier Muscle Costume (or marital aid). You can also just buy the mask. Just saying. It's a sex thing. 100%.

I don't have a whole lot to write this week. Like I said, very casual episode. Enjoy!

Podcast - Episode 2 - Canada!

Happy Canada Day! And if you aren't Canadian, happy new comic book day!

It's like i'm looking out my window!

It's like i'm looking out my window!

This week Dave and I discuss the mountain of comic news and gossip that came out in the last week or so, including a director for Black Panther, a new Dr Strange book from Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo, and a DC casting switcharoo for professional dreamboat, Chris Pine. 

We also talk about the first issue of Brian K Vaughan and Steve Skroce's new comic, We Stand on Guard, and discuss our favourite Canadian comic book characters and creators. We barely scratch the surface, really, but it's still a fun talk! Apologies to the zillions of Canadian comic creators who don't get mentioned. We mention, like, three.

Click here to listen, or head on over to iTunes to download/subscribe. New episodes will be posted every Wednesday. At least until America attacks Canada for our water supply.

We are going to be providing detailed posts with links, images, videos and more to supplement the podcast episodes. So here is some bonus material to enhance your listening experience for this week's episode!

First, if you like the song we use as our theme, Wordburglar's "Drawings with Words", check out the video! Look for Dave around the 1:40 mark!

I talk more than anyone needs to about The Covenant this week, since I watched it right before recording this episode. Here is the trailer:

And here is the whole damn movie, if you feel like watching the most ridiculous dialogue ever written tumble from Sebastian Stan's perfect mouth:

And here is a Sebastian Stan gif from the movie that I like:

There is no sex in this movie. I am serious. this is his reaction to being thrown up against a locker by a dude.

There is no sex in this movie. I am serious. this is his reaction to being thrown up against a locker by a dude.

If you want to read the full "article" about Anthony Mackie describing the perfect woman for Chris Evans, it's here. And it's weird.

How often does Anthony Mackie's iPod play Earth Wind and Fire songs in Evans' presence while on "shuffle" mode?

I mention that one of my favourite sports is hate-reading Jeremy Renner's Twitter account. Here are some choice recent douchy tweets.

First he makes light of Chris Evans' inability to fulfil his dreams of fatherhood:

That is seriously cold.

That is seriously cold.

And he makes a cool frat boy joke for Chris Evans' birthday:



He also posts a lot of pics of himself wearing sunglasses, looking like an ass:

Montreal is too close to my home.

Montreal is too close to my home.

In the Canada section of this episode, we reference a few things that I had written about previously on the blog. Here are some links:

Jeph Loeb writes Wolverine as a Canada-hater

Rating the Super Hunks: Wolverine

Veronica In Canada

Archie gang goes to Canada

Good news! Dave was not imagining the comic where Spider-Man goes to the Calgary Stampede!

woah! It's the first appearance of turbine!!!!

woah! It's the first appearance of turbine!!!!

And here is the official video for Plumtree's song, Scott Pilgrim, which inspired the comic.

I decided not to make a Canadian references bingo card for We Stand on Guard because it's too mean. It would be downright un-Canadian of me, really.

Thanks for listening! Please send us your dreamcasting choices for Guy Gardner. You can hit me up on Twitter @rachellegoguen and Dave is @paskettiwestern

This week's haul: Johnathan beat me to a StarCraft Preview Inside joke.

A bit of a light week for me. Here's some of what I bought this week:

Captain America #50

There is a Marcos Martin back-up in this comic that I would have gladly paid $3.99 for on its own. It's a stunning summarization of Captain America's complete story from origin to present. The design is so incredible that it would make Saul Bass cry beautiful, stylish tears.

And the main story is typically awesome as every issue of this series is awesome. Luke Ross and share the art duties. And there's also a two-page Hembeck comic at the back! That's a lot of comic for four bucks!

Uncanny X-Men #510

Every woman has the exact same frigging face!

Wolverine Weapon X #2

Jason Aaron is killing this thing! This comic is giving me everything I want out of a Wolverine comic: unchecked machismo, wit, and claws being poked through bad guys. And also: a gun that shoots bullets filled with cancer.

I loved Aaron's three issue run on Wolverine last year, so I am really happy to see him back writing everyone's favourite grouchy Canadian mutant.

Tiny Titans #16

At free comic book day this year a mom with two young kids was excitedly telling me how much her kids love Tiny Titans, and how she discovered that she enjoyed reading them as much as they did! She told me how gleeful the kids were when they were introduced to the Teeny Tiny Titans. Listening to her rave about this series reassured me that this comic is doing what it is supposed to be doing. Although I have loved it from issue #1, I was worried that it might be more of an adorable inside joke for adult nerds than something that kids would find funny. It's definitely not the case: kids love Tiny Titans. It's very exciting.

The second trade collection of Tiny Titans also came out this week. It makes a great gift for your favourite kid!

Mysterius #5

Johnathan already mentioned it, but I'll go ahead and say it again: Starcraft Preview Inside?! Come on. As if that is worth putting an ugly logo in the middle of a beautiful cover for. Who on Earth is going to buy a comic because it has a preview of another comic in it?  Much less the fifth issue of a series! Best case scenario: they pick up this comic, read the preview, and put it back on the shelf. Argh! So lame.

This series is awesome, by the way, as I keep saying. Everyone should buy every issue of Mysterius.

Johnny Hiro

I bought all the issues of this comic but I also bought this new trade collection of it because:

a) I love this comic. It is hilarious and awesome;

b) This book is beautiful!

The tag for Johnny Hiro is Half Asian, All Hero. That's right: Johnny Hiro was using the Hiro/Hero pun years before Heroes was ever on the air. It is a very funny and action-packed comic written and drawn by Fred Chao. Hiro is a young  man living in New York City and struggling to get by as a busboy. He lives with his Japanese girlfriend, Mayumi, who is a fantastic character with somewhat limited English.

It's, I guess, similar to Scott Pilgrim in that it combines romance and humour with insane crazy action sequences really well. Except with Johnny Hiro, you might actually want to hang out and be friends with the characters. I highly recommend buying this book. It's cheap!

G-Man: Learning to Fly

I definitely approve of Image's decision to release Chris Giarusso's original creation comic, G-Man, in this digest format for kids. We all love Mini Marvels, and this is just as hilarious and adorable. And you don't have to read Marvel cross-over events to get all the jokes!