Podcast - Episode 111: Favourite Single Issues (Part 1)


This week we tasked ourselves with each choosing five of our favourite single comic book issues. It was not easy, but between us we have a pretty solid list of ten comics. Because it was so challenging to get it down to so few, we are probably going to make this a recurring episode theme. Maybe monthly? I dunno.

Here are the lists, so you can head to your local shop and hunt them down:


Avengers #154
GI Joe #21
Doom Patrol #19
Tom Strong #1
Eightball #22


Jonah Hex #50
Captain America (and Bucky) #620
All-Star Superman #5
Wolverine Weapon X #11
Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #125

And here's that very important Jeremy Renner Instagram post:

Good stuff. 

Alright, we will see you next week! Thanks for listening!

Podcast - Episode 57: Cosmic Odyssey

DCAF is over and Dave and I had a nice time! We recorded via Skype this week because I have somehow injured my neck and cannot drive. I think I'm really getting the hang of this Skype recording stuff, though. Sounds good!

It's week 7 of our summer book club and we read the 1988 DC space adventure, Cosmic Odyssey, by Jim Starlin and Mike Mignola. It really is great. We poke fun at it a lot in this episode, but we sincerely both love it.

Here is that article in the Washington Post I was talking about that talks about fan entitlement and the importance of submitting to the vision of the artist.

Here's the birthday tweet Chris Evans posted for Sebastian Stan that made news headlines (for some reason):

Here is the sketch that Michael Cho did for me of Captain America (dreaming about Bucky):

And here's the Plastic Man sketch he did for Mitchell:

Both totally excellent. We're very happy.

Speaking of happy, I was very excited to receive a package in the mail this week from our pal J.Bone! It included this ADORABLE little sketch of The Summer Soldier:

@originaljbone gives me the best presents. 💕 #wintersoldier

A photo posted by Living Between Wednesdays (@livingbetweenwednesdays) on

The Stucky fanzine by Jess Fink and Yuko Ota is, I believe, no longer available. But you can check out their awesome Tumblr sites, which will lead you to other great stuff you can read or buy: Jess Fink and Yuko Ota

Anyway, it's full of cute stuff like this:

I did buy a Winter Soldier dinky car, because obviously. On the Instagram post, Dave asked Steve Epting if he knew about this thing. He replied! He owns one himself. I like to think he means a full-size version. Like, that car is Steve Epting's ride.

JUST LIKE IN THE COMICS!!!! #wintersoldier

A photo posted by Living Between Wednesdays (@livingbetweenwednesdays) on

What a weird thing.

And, of course, I also got a hot Wal-Mart exclusive Winter Soldier figure.

Got a new boyfriend. Wal-Mart exclusive. #wintersoldier

A photo posted by Living Between Wednesdays (@livingbetweenwednesdays) on

And I am totally not putting him in weird, somewhat sexy scenes with my Captain America figure. 

Valium is a really good drug.

Here's the panel from Cosmic Odyssey that really cracks me up:

"What? Oh, I don't care about that anymore. Look at this computer thing I did..."

Next week we're reading and discussing Batgirl: Year One/Robin: Year One

Podcast - Episode 26: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Merry Christmas! Dave already got everything he wants for Christmas, in the form of Star wars: The Force Awakens, so we're gonna talk about that.

I will warn you that this episode is crazy spoilery for The Force Awakens, so don't listen if you haven't seen it yet! At least not the second half.

Before I even get started, I received a package in the mail the day after we recorded this and it was from J.Bone and LOOK!!!!!



I love them and they are my best friends. Thank you, J!!!!!!!

Speaking of gifts, here's that Chewbacca cookie plate I gave to Dave last week:

I can't take credit for the peanut butter balls.

And here's the entirety of my Christmas list for, I dunno, 2020 or whenever they actually release this thing:

hot toys ws.jpg

Oh, Winter Soldier doll. I have so many inappropriate thoughts about you.

And here's that Civil War promo art that includes Sebastian Stan's quote about Bucky "going both ways."

And here is that weird Cineplex holiday ad that features a little girl Winter Soldiering a living snowman:

So weird!

We are taking next week off so see you in 2016! Thanks so much for listening! We both really love doing this podcast.

Podcast - Episode 9: What Kind of Nerd Are You?

We did it! We got Sean Jordan on the show! Our first guest!

On this episode we look beyond our love of super heroes to see what other things we are, and aren't, nerds about. Finally you'll know where we stand on things like Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stephen King and more! We also share some stories, good and bad, from working in comic shops.

I promised to show you the amazing thing that Jeremy Renner posted on Instagram, and then on Twitter twice. But, to be fair, it did have a really important and not-at-all confusing message about equality or something. So...here it is!

And here is that super sexy Hawkeye pin-up we were talking about from the MCU poster book, complete with Dave's text and my horrified reply:

It was really exciting to have another installment of the Renner Report.

In This Week in Winter Soldier we mentioned the image that was released from the set of Captain America: Civil War of Winter Soldier and Falcon running through an airport, and the inevitable meme it inspired. I did this to it:

And my friend Melissa Buote did all of this to it:

The 10 one is my favourite.

Dave and Sean and I told some of our favourite stories from working in comic shops, including some celebrity sightings! Here is a photo of Dave and the Rocketeer himself, Billy Campbell, at Strange Adventures in Halifax!


That's all for this week! Release the Civil War trailer, Marvel!!!!!!!!! This is me checking the internet every day to see if it's been released:

Set Phasers For Fun: Dave's Spoiler-Free Mini Review of Star Trek

After a stumbling start with X-Men Origins: Wolverine (see Rachelle’s review here), the summer 2009 movie season got kicked off properly last night with the first shows of J.J. Abrams’ new Star Trek makeover, featuring young, angsty versions of the original cast—Kirk, Spock, etc.—in a universe that is not quite the same as the one we all know but is still somehow canon. How, exactly, requires me to discuss plot points that I don’t want to get into (spoilers and all), but it’s not important anyway. What is important is that the new Star Trek is a hell of a good time, and exactly what this series needed.

Without giving too much away, a Romulan bad guy named Nero has traveled back in time, to back before the original series, to mess with history in various diabolical ways. Along the way, he encounters the USS Enterprise and its crew of fledgling recruits, who have to get over their various differences to stop him from blowing up lots of planets and messing up the spacetime continuum. More than he already has, I mean—his interference has already altered the timeline, meaning that the future as we know it is not set anymore (a handy trick of the filmmakers, one that sidesteps Wolverine’s lack of suspense in knowing that the character survives for at least three more movies). The wonky pseudoscience that has always accompanied the Star Trek brand name and its recurring time travel plotlines allows for an almost literal cosmic reset button, which will hopefully keep the die-hard fans content, while also making way for director J.J. Abrams’ sexy, flashy new vision of the Star Trek universe—while, finally, not in any way contradicting What Has Gone Before.  

The cast is pretty much uniformly great—Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, as Kirk and Spock, respectively, inhabit their characters without resorting to imitations, the supporting characters all get to have cool moments where we see why they’re all destined for greatness, and the space battles and fight scenes are all exciting to watch. There are a lot of fun nods to the original series, but not obnoxiously so. There are some moments of fairly goofy humour, but that’s not so out of place either—never let it be said that Star Trek, in any of its incarnations, is above a lame gag or three. And seriously, when’s the last time we had a good space adventure flick? One that didn’t take place in some depressing dystopia, but in a future where all (or most, anyway) races have come together to get stuff done? By the end of this movie, I was pretty much begging for a sequel, but that’s probably still about three years away. Not soon enough! Great job, everyone involved.